Weekly Roundup – Social Media Updates for Authors

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Weekly Roundup - Social Media Updates for Authors by Frances Caballo

This past week was rich in terms of content on the blogosphere. I hope you enjoy this week’s social media updates for authors. But first, here’s the story about the above image.

Here’s a little-known fact about me: I hike every Saturday morning, even in the rain. It’s a ritual I refuse to relinquish. The woods is where I replenish myself. Recently, I heard indie author Mark Dawson say that all the writers he knew were walkers. Well, count me as a member of that group. This past weekend, I slipped my iPhone into my back pocket and, of course, silenced it. I intended to take pictures of the wildflowers growing in Sugarloaf Ridge State Park. I did take pictures of lupines, paintbrush, and monkeyflower, yet the above tree was my favorite subject. One never knows where the path will lead or where intention may be diverted. But if my experience last weekend can be seen as a metaphor, then it’s this: Don’t be rigid in following a path or pursuing an intention you think is best for you. You’re a writer, an artist. Follow your intuition and you’ll always be on the right course.

Social Media Updates for Authors

The Myth of the Average Reader from Writer Unboxed: “I usually see references to this mythic creature — the average reader — in one of two contexts. First: `I’m going for mass market appeal — I think the average readerwould enjoy my book.’ Second: ‘Well, the average reader obviously doesn’t know what good writing is. Why else would they buy crap like (popular bestseller)?'”

Note: Until this post, I hadn’t heard of anyone discussing psychographics in terms of readership. This is the definition the author offers: “the study of personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles.” This was an informative post with a new perspective.

Goodreads Deals: A New Way to Promote Your Ebooks to Millions of Goodreads Members (U.S. Market) from Goodreads:

What’s the secret to successful book marketing? Getting in front of the largest number of readers who are most likely to be interested in your titles! With the launch of Goodreads Deals in the U.S., we’re now offering authors and publishers a new way to amplify ebook price promotions to our millions of members. The Goodreads Deals program comes with built-in personalization options based on members’ Want to Read shelves, the authors they follow, and the genres they prefer—all designed to help your deals reach the readers with the highest interest in buying your books.

Note: Before you get too excited (like I did), Goodreads will hand0pick “ebooks that will most appeal to the Goodreads community.” When the program is launched, only these genres will be included: bestsellers, romance, mystery and thrillers, fantasy and Sci-Fi.

The Perpetual Solitude of the Writer  from LitHub: “A psychiatrist friend once pointed out to me that one of the definitions of psychosis is a fixed belief in an imaginary world lasting months or years, which no one but the patient himself is able to perceive. He wondered aloud if this wasn’t also a decent definition of a novelist. Having recently emerged from five years of concentration on my own imaginary world of my latest book, I think he has a point. Which has left me considering the disposition that leads people to write in the first place, and the relationship between their actual and imaginary lives.”

Note: Okay, this isn’t a social media update for authors but you know what? It’s a fascinating article that I thought you would enjoy.

The New Era of Ebooks in India from Digital Book World: “The ebook market in India is at the cusp of a major revolution. By 2030, India will be amongst the youngest nations in the world, with nearly 140 million people in the college-going age group, as per a report by E&Y. India has become the second biggest smartphone market in terms of active unique smartphone users, crossing 220 million and surpassing the US market, according to a report by Counterpoint Research. Going by global analytics, these numbers will lead to interesting synergies for ebook publishers in India.”

Note: As an indie author, you may be targeting the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. for their English-speaking readers. Don’t forget about India, whose population exceeds one billion people. And we need to remind ourselves that there are English speakers all over the world.

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My Post on TheBookDesigner.com Blog

How Young Adult Authors Can Use Tumblr to Reach Their Readers: “Have you thought about using Tumblr lately? I may know what you’re thinking right now. These days when everyone is talking about Facebook Live, Snapchat, and Instagram, why would I even mention Tumblr? Isn’t Tumblr sort of, well, passé? Au contraire.”

Note: When Pew Research Center came out with its newest mobile messaging and social media study last August, the data-rich website revealed these demographics about Tumblr:

  • One in ten online adults (10%) use Tumblr, a slight increase from the 6% who did so the last time Pew Research asked in December 2012.

  • Young adults are especially likely to use Tumblr: 20% of online adults age 18 to 29 do so.

  • Black and Hispanic adults (15% respectively) are slightly more likely than white adults (9%) to be on Tumblr.

So if you write YA, maintain a presence on Tumblr.

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Social Media Updates for Authors by Frances Caballo



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