Weekly Roundup – April 29, 2016

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Weekly Roundup by Frances CaballoThe Author's Guide to Goodreads by Frances Caballo
This exciting news this week is that my newest book, The Author’s Guide to Goodreads, How
 to engage with readers and market your books is available on Amazon for presale. I plan to release another book in late June and then a third book near the end of this year. Yes, I’ve replaced podcasting with writing books, which is where I feel more comfortable. It feels good to be writing again. What are you working on?

3 Facebook Marketing Tools Authors Must Use via Digital Book World by Digital Book World: “With 1.44 billion monthly active users, according to a Pew report and SproutSocial, Facebook is the market leader for social networking sites. That statistic alone makes a compelling case for why publishers and authors should use Facebook to connect with their readership community and promote their books.” Note: If you love to hate Facebook, now is the time to start liking it again. Facebook live video is hot and it will only become more prevalent. Use video to connect with your readers and to show them a different side to your life.

Facebook: The World’s Largest Bookstore? by Digital Book World: “The big moneymaker was its burgeoning video ad business. Facebook states that people are watching 100 million hours of video per day on its social platform. More than 500 million people watch Facebook video every day. Just let that sink in. Facebook isn’t simply a video discovery platform; it’s becoming the video discovery platform. And it’s still growing.” Note: This is another great post by Digital Book World.

50 #Blog Topics For Fiction Writers by Jenn dePaula: “A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a writer who wanted to grow her audience. After chatting a few minutes I asked her if she had a blog. She said, “I’m a fiction writer. Why would I have a blog? What would I even write about?” Ahh, my favorite question disguised as a statement. Yes, fiction writers can have blogs that are full of fantastic information, insight, and interest for their readers. Blogs are a great way to think outside of the box, challenge yourself as a writer and, as an added bonus, engage and grow your audience.” Note: If you write fiction and you’re not convinced you need a blog or you just don’t know what to write about, use Mixtus Media’s list of 50 possible topics as a starting point.

A strategic lead magnet attracts the right people by Jeff Goins: “Suspect your  lead magnet sucks? Here’s how to create one that converts like crazy.” Note: Every author needs a lead magnet, also called a reader  magnet. This document or email course will attract your readers to sign up for your email list and by doing so, you can communicate directly with them. If you want to have a best seller, you need a healthy email list of avid readers.

stack-of-books-1001655_640-2Quote of the week:

Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.

P.J. O’Rourke



Authors: Not Sure What to Tweet? Try These 44 Tweets Today by Frances Caballo, AuthorAbout the Author: Frances Caballo is an author and social media strategist and manager for writers. She’s a regular speaker at the San Francisco Writers Conference and a contributing writer at TheBookDesigner.com. She’s written several books including The Author’s Guide to Goodreads, Avoid Social Media Time Suck, and Twitter Just for Writers, which is available for free here. Her focus is on helping authors surmount the barriers that keep them from flourishing online, building their platform, finding new readers, and selling more books. Her clients include authors of every genre and writer conferences. Not sure how you’re doing online? Ask Frances to prepare a social media audit for you.

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