Using Video Marketing? Why It’s Important and 3 Apps to Try

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I keep telling writers that video marketing is huge, especially this year.


There are several reasons why you need to incorporate video into your marketing. Here are a few:

According to Comscore, adding video to your website can increase the chance of a front-page Google result by 53 times. To find some video SEO tips, read this post from Vidyard.

Video Marketing Is Popular and Effective

video marketing - 3 apps to tryPeople love videos and videos tend to be more successful in capturing consumer attention. Okay, now think about all those videos you watch on Facebook, for example. Aren’t they more fun to watch that the posts you have to read? I rest my case.

Video attracts more engagement on social media. Think back to Facebook again. Videos more often that posts go viral or at least draw thousands of Likes. People love video.

According to BrainShark, 65% of viewers watch more than three-quarters of a video, which is more than I predict people read of text. So with video, consumers (readers) pay attention to more of your messaging.

Create Strong Emotional Connections

With video, you can create strong emotional connections. Remember the Budweiser commercial featuring the blonde Lab? That video had me in tears. Video, according to Vidyard, is the “most powerful way to evoke emotions online.” Vidyard goes on to say:

It’s King because it offers a slew of attributes above and beyond traditional content like tone of voice, face expressions, and music, to name a few.

Finally, video has a higher conversion rate than text. So, if you want your readers to buy more books, do more video.

2 Video Apps to Make Production & Editing Easy

Producing video needn’t be expensive. You don’t need to hire a videographer for every video you post. Here are some apps you can use.

Wave videoWith this online application, you can make video ads and videos for social media. The app offers 30+ formats optimized for every social media platform.

A cool aspect to is that it has a 200-million stock video clips library at your access. It also has 300,000 royalty-free audio clips that range from symphonies to piano tracks and more.

You can customize your videos with fonts and watermarks.

Afraid you’ll be overwhelmed by this app? It offers tutorials and workshops to teach you how to create and edit your videos.

Pricing starts at $39/month.


Use Wideo to create animated videos and presentations. According to Wideo, “More than 50% of marketers are already using some animation maker software to tell their stories.”

Wideo claims you can make a video in just five minutes. Then you can share it directly to Facebook or YouTube from Wideo.

I must say that animated videos are fun to watch and use in presentations.

Pricing starts at $19/month.

Animoto Is Still a Popular Choice


Animoto Video appThe video applications has been around for a long time, and social media influencers love it. It’s a certified partner of LinkedIn Marketing Partners, Facebook Marketing Partners, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and HubSpot. That is an impressive list.

This app claims that no video editing experience is needed to create videos with Animoto’s drag-and-drop video maker.

With Animoto, you have access to more than a million stock photos when you select its professional and business plans.

Pricing starts at just $9/month. With this price, you have access to 350 music tracks, twelve pre-built storyboards, three standard fonts, and thirty color swatches. Unfortunately, at this price, the Animoto logo appears at the end of the video.

With the professional option, you can either pay $65/month or pay the annual fee of $396, which works out to $33/month. At this level, you’ll have access to 2,000+ music tracks, more than 1 million photos, and 50 pre-built storyboards. Also, the Animoto logo won’t appear on your video.

This app is a solid, economical choice for authors.

Are you using video in your marketing this year?

Using Video Marketing? Why It's Important & 3 Apps to Try


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