Turn Your Blog into a Book Production Machine with Nina Amir 

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I recently interviewed Inspiration to Creation Coach Nina Amir as part of my Conversations with Frances series. We talked about blogging, how to blog a book, and what blogging has done for Nina’s life and career. Be sure to listen to the webinar. I’m certain you’ll learn a lot.

Here are a few notes from this webinar with Nina Amir:

What did blogging do for Nina Amir’s life?

Blogging gave Nina her platform and helped her to fulfill her potential.

Blogging also gave Nina the satisfaction of reaching more people than she could with her books.

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She now has 250+ people showing up on one of her blogs every day.

Blogging gave her a weekly deadline. So her blogs gave her accountability.

When she began, she blogged five days a week for about 10 months, then moved to three days a week.

Blogging helped Nina to build her business.

Blogging helped Nina to get published: self-published and traditionally published.

Why should writers have a blog?

A blog helps you to rise up in search engine results. Search engines send out bots and spiders looking for keywords. Nina’s blog gave her discoverability on the internet on topics related to blogging a book.

With a blog, you have content to share on social media.

Blogging gave Nina focus and discipline and helped her to be productive with her writing.

When you’re first starting out, blog two to three times a week.

When you blog a book, you intentionally write your book on your blog, post by post.

Why blog a book?

You’ll build a platform while you’re writing. You’ll get an engaged audience. A blog post is part of a chapter of a book. Blogging a book enables you to build an audience. And you can get comments and get feedback that can improve your book.

You can attract an agent when you write a book on your blog.

Some publishers will only accept your book if 50% or less of your book is pre-published on your blog.

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How does one tackle blogging a book?

Decide on a topic carefully. Check how the topic will integrate with your audience. You need to have a business plan for each of your books.

Write three or five blog posts a week and use the SEO by Yoast plugin.

The voice for blogging should be okay for the book. But you’ll need to edit it and expand on the blog posts you wrote.

Nina often writes series. She did a series on her blog for two months about how to become a better blogger. She knew that at the end of that period she would have a book. You want to be thinking all the time about how you can turn your blog posts into a book.

There’s more that Nina discussed during the webinar so be sure to watch he replay above.

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