Mike SahnoFrances Caballo is a rock star. When someone is accessible on social media, advocates for authors, and gives away content that has value for authors, you’d better listen to everything she says. And though it’s for your own good, it doesn’t taste like bad medicine! Her articles, course content and e-books are chock full of great advice, written in an engaging manner. Mike Sahno, Author

Carol A. LambertFrances has been my social media marketer for several years. I can wholeheartedly say that she has been a godsend. With her skill set and persistent style, she upped my Twitter followers from 40 to well over 15K in a relatively short time. This was particularly critical to getting the word out about my upcoming published book. Frances is thoughtful, responsive to questions and suggestions, and clearly supports my passion and endeavors. I highly recommend exploring your social media needs with Frances….you’ll be glad you did. Carol A. Lambert, MSW, Author

What most impressed me about Frances’s work on my behalf is how deftly she posted tweets about my novels that made even me want to read them. Frances is personable, accessible, hardworking, conscientious and incredibly effective. It was a joy to work with her. Madelon Phillips, Author

Dr. James Zender


Frances handles both my Twitter and Instagram accounts. I have found her to be conscientious, creative, and a joy to work with. I give Frances free rein to create content and images for my social media networks and she never disappoints. She’s simply the best in the business. Dr. James Zender, Psychologist and Author

Howard VanEsI am continually impressed with Frances’s knowledge about social media and her keen insight into the inner workings of what is for many mysterious. She is a true professional and the real deal! If you need someone to help you with social media, there is no one better. Howard VanEs, President, Let’s Write Books, Inc.

mary-mackeyWhen my novel The Village of Bones was published, I was overwhelmed by the amount of Social Media I was expected to do. On the recommendation of a friend, I hired Frances Caballo to help me free up time to write. When Frances stepped in and took over my Twitter Account, a lot of the stress in my life stepped out. Frances is smart, savvy, and hardworking. She listened to me, gave me great advice, and prepared beautiful visual Tweets that reflected my thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. I would hire her again in a heartbeat. Mary Mackey, Author


Lucy V. HayThanks so much Frances! Lots to think about there, delivered in a timely fashion that’s great value for money. Really interesting and useful to see how an outside party views my accounts, plus any blind spots I might have. Lucy V.Hay, Author and Editor
Frances knows everything there is to know about social media. Martha Conway, Author



Ransom StephensFrances Caballo gets what I’m trying to do. I’m a writer and my goal is to give people perspectives that they otherwise might not experience. But I’m not a promoter or a marketer. Frances takes my work down from my metaphorical mountain and delivers it to you. Without Frances, everything I do would be in vain. Without Frances, I’d be half as productive and twice as frustrated. And Without Frances, you’d never see the world as a starving polar bear or a pissed off whale, you’d never get to answer that yes-no question that decides whether you believe in Katarina’s low faith model of the soul, you’d miss a look under the hood into how your brain works and how to make it work better, and you’d never get to laugh as Simon Wentworth and his beagle stumble their way through saving the world from plutocrats and anarchists trying to spawn their peculiar utopias. In the decade+ that I’ve been surviving on a writers’ wages, I’ve learned to stick with what I’m good at and pay France to do the rest. I’ve made rent every month too. Ransom Stephens, Author

I contacted Frances because she had increased social media presence for a dear friend, a highly acclaimed author and editor. First, Frances’s social media audit brought instant focus to my understanding of e-presence. Then, she created and increased my Twitter presence, and gifted me with her wisdom and encouragement. By having Frances as a member of my “team,” I gained insight where I had none, additional expertise when I needed it, and a clear view of how to continuously connect with new readers.  Janneke Jobsis-Brown, Author

Frances – Thank you for such a thoughtful and thorough analysis of my social media. It was wonderful to have reassurance that I’m doing many things right. Your many suggestions will help me Lilith Danvillemove my social media efforts to the next level. I’m particularly grateful for the many websites and applications you recommend to help make promoting my books so much more efficient. Your audit was definitely worth your reasonable price. Lilith Danville, Author


Kathy PoolerI have been active on social media since 2009 but was feeling like I needed some help maximizing its effectiveness. I want to learn to work smarter not harder. Frances Caballo’s Social Media Analysis provided me with an in-depth analysis of Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook Author Page and led to practical strategies specific to my needs. France provides an excellent service tailored to individual needs. I highly recommend her as a social media consultant.  Kathy Pooler, Author


Bill Percy, AuthorI subscribed to Frances Caballo’s offer of an audit of my social media, hoping to receive good value but, frankly, not expecting too much. In the past, I’ve spent plenty for consultations and coaching about such things for writers, and have not been awed at either the quality or the thoroughness. But Frances’ audit blew my mind. She carefully and thoroughly reviewed my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, my blog, and my website. For all of them, she gave me extensive reviews, advice, tips, and recommendations. The elements that are good she identified fully; those that need improvement, she thoughtfully analyzed and followed up with suggestions, even with pointers toward other resources that will help. All in all, I found her audit and her work product to be well worth the cost and more. Bill Percy, Author

Patrick VaughnBefore I worked with Frances, I approached social media as an intimidating mystery. Is it a twit or a tweet? What makes a good Facebook post? How might I use social media to reach potential readers of my planned book? With deft skill, Frances explained the mechanics of posting and adding images while ever reminding me that 80% of my comments should concern others rather than my latest video or blog. More than anything else, Frances helped me to appreciate and embrace the social of social media. The objective is not the dissemination of information or self promotion. While those have their proper place, the focus is actually the nurture of relationships. This was music to my ears. Frances’ guidance replaced intimidation with imagination, and led me to discover new ways of learning and growing! Patrick Vaughn, Author


peter_dehaan_400x400Frances Caballo is the go-to expert about social media for authors. Her evaluation of my online efforts was through and insightful. She affirmed what I was doing right, showed me how I could to other things better, and offered gentle correction on what I was doing wrong. I give her five stars and my highest recommendation. Peter DeHaan, Author


0150583I was very happy with the detailed Social Media Analysis that Frances did for me. I’m a career coach, blogger, and author. I knew I had the basics but needed Frances’s expert eyes to pull it all together to step it up a couple of notches. She gave me specific and actionable suggestions on my social platforms – website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Amazon Author page. I’m going through each suggestion as a checklist and making changes.
 Diane Howell Topkis, Author


helene jaraFinding Frances Caballo was a godsend for me.  I’m fairly new to the social media business and I was at a loss as to how to use Twitter to increase followers.  In three months she has increased my following to close to 3,000, engaged with my followers, and provided quality content  that she tweeted for me! I highly recommend Frances.  She is an expert and easy to work with.
Helene Simkin Jara, Author


Frances Caballo is akin to a Superhero. You have social media needs, and you connect with Frances. She comes flying in with gusto and before you know it, you havsherrey meyere solutions, understanding, suggestions, and new ideas.

I asked Frances to prepare an assessment of my social media activity. In a matter of days, I had printed assessment of all my social media sites as well as my blog. Written with clarity and examples, her document gave me new direction and understanding with respect to each social media site where I’m a member.

Her reasoning behind suggestions and ideas is straightforward. It was easy for me to go through Frances’s document with a highlighter and mark the actions I needed to take in order to begin the process of increasing my online following. Not only was this a necessary exercise for me, Frances made it fun and exciting with her energy and positive attitude. I thank the heavens for the day I met Frances Caballo online! Sherrey Meyer, Author

FrancesLisa Tener is a Godsend. I knew I couldn’t handle all my social media myself but I didn’t want to just hand it off to someone else. Frances helps me manage my social media so that I can interact strategically and develop my platform as an author. Within two days of working with her, I had two queries from potential clients who found me through social media. Lisa Tener, Book Coach & Author

Alexis GeorgeWorking with Frances has been one of the best decisions I have made in my writing career. With her thorough critique and expert advice, I am now focused and equipped with the tools necessary to maximize my online presence.  Alexis George, Author


1979260_10152337919614417_1590020123130949655_oJust had the most extraordinary consult with social media guru, Frances Caballo. She taught
me how to brand my Twitter posts and oh-so-subtly promote my book. It was 45 minutes of gold!
Cathy Turney, Author


I hired Frances Caballo to manage my Twitter account when I only had 225 followers—and in 6 month, she increased my followers to over 4,000.  She was able to capture my energy and personality as well, and to find posts related to wellness and health, and continuously refer people to my website, so I feel like what she posts represents who I am. I am very pleased with these results and would recommend her to anyone wanting to increase their Twitter traffic. Linda Mercer, Life Coach & Author


Kate FarrellWhen Frances Caballo took over as Social Media Manager for Women’s National Book Association-San Francisco Chapter in 2012, our website stats doubled each year! Her work on our Facebook and Twitter accounts and as Blog Editor for the website increased traffic threefold and directly contributed to the success of our fundraising events while attracting new members.  Kate Farrell, Author & Editor

Nina AmirI hired Frances to increase my Twitter followers. In seven weeks, I had well over 1,000 new followers. I couldn’t have been more pleased. Previously, she helped me with a short promotional Facebook campaign, and I was very happy with the work she did as well. I highly recommend her!  Nina Amir, Author & Book Coach

JordanIn less than a month of working with Frances my Twitter followers leapt by more than 500, and my small presence–in the form of retweets and mentions–noticeably increased to a presence I am proud of. Frances is smart, strategic and worth every dollar!  Jordan E. Rosenfeld, Author & Editor

As an author, I’m only as good as those I surround myself with, and I was fortunate to find Frances Caballo. Her expertise has allowed me to outsource my social media marketing in a manner that I could never accomplish on my own.  I no longer need to keep up on ‘what every author needs to do’ and other panic headlines that used to devour my time. Her services permit me to work hard  on my writing with the comforting knowledge that equal dedication and professionalism is being applied to my social marketing.  Robert Lane, Author

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 4.54.39 AMFrances Caballo is a true professional in social media. She has a complete grasp of social media and the thousands of applications and brings a kind calmness to the task. Tweet by tweet, blog post by blog post, and using Facebook, her clients will see the number of their friends, followers and fans increase. I certainly have! She is especially adept at helping her clients grow their following on Twitter and getting noticed on this microblogging platform.

 She is also aware of all the different markets her clients are trying to reach and devises original ideas as to how to reach each demographic. She can stay calm and focused on the big picture so whether you want her to do all of the above bits of social media or just get you started, she is your woman. I highly recommend her. You will enjoy working with her and love the results!  Elizabeth B. Martin, Author & Illustrator

William H ColesFrances Caballo knows social media in all its forms and provides effective individualized strategies and success-oriented advice to writers with efficiency mixed with creativity, humor, and caring. Her flexibility in a rapidly changing industry adds to the value of specialized work well done with a smile, and always on time. William H. Coles, Author

It’s very simple, actually. If you want it done yesterday, and you want results yesterday, then hire Frances the day before yesterday. She’s awesome. It’s like having your own private digital publicist…and she shows results EVERY MORNING.   Ralph Scott, Editor and Ghostwriter


Sharon MoxleyFrances Caballo has been a tremendous help to me during my journey into the world of social media.  I have not only used her book Social Media Just For Writers extensively, Frances came to my house and taught me step-by-step how to promote my memoir, Among the Silent Giant, using social media, especially Twitter. Like her book, Frances was clear and concise and she expertly pointed out the best practices for connecting with and building an online community of supporters.

If you have written a book and are learning how to promote it on social media, be sure to pick up Frances’ Social Media Just For Writers. If you’re lucky enough to be within driving distance of her, invite her over and let her be your guide and strategist.  Sharon Moxley, Author

Amanda_McTigue_257Working on the release of my novel this year, I turned to Frances for her social media expertise. She has been so helpful. A) There’s no cookie cutter. She listened to me and my particular goals, then helped me focus; B) She cuts to the chase, providing strategy, tactics and resources; C) I sense that she’s great at adjusting her consulting to any level of experience, from neophyte to fellow expert; D) She covers both the technical and the time-management sides of the social media equation; E) Finally, I really love that she’s available as a resource on MY terms. There are no strings, no pitch for more services and fees. I heartily recommend Frances, particularly for independent artists/writers.  Amanda McTigue, Author

suzanne-shermanFrances Caballo recently gave me a two-hour consultation on using social media to promote my growing business. I learned useful tips that come from having a conversation instead of reading a blog post or article or watching a video and I left satisfied, inspired, and carrying copious notes! She was patient and accessible, listened well, and was ready to answer any question I asked. She is dedicated to her work and a delightful person to work with. I look forward to hiring her again when I’m ready for the next step.  Suzanne Sherman, Author & Editor

linda_reid_painting1Redwood Writers has been very fortunate to have Frances Caballo’s skills and enthusiasm as our Social Media Editor. It is important to have someone who cares and knows how to maximize this important part of any organization’s public relations. She has enhanced our visibility. In addition, she quickly and effectively solved an annoying issue that appeared on our Facebook page. I look forward to her continued success on behalf of Redwood Writers, the largest of 18 branches in the California Writers Club. Linda Loveland Reid, Author

Sunny-Lockwood-pixThank you, Frances, for the beautiful fan pages you designed and posted on facebook for me. I love how you used my photographs to enhance the look of the pages. And your advice on how to draw friends to the pages has been most helpful! It has been a pleasure working with you and learning from you. Sunny Lockwood, Author