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Virtual Blog Tours - Frances CaballoWe are so lucky to have a guest post today by D’vorah Lansky, M.E., the bestselling author of several books including the Productivity Action Guide for Authors. Today she focuses on virtual book tours, a topic I receive a lot of questions about. Enjoy the post!

We’ve all heard about authors taking their books on tour, from town to town or even cross-country. Their goal is to gain a lot of exposure and sell a lot of books. The thing is, there is no guarantee as to how many people will show up for their book talks or if they’ll even sell any books.

What’s more, all of this effort provides only a small window of exposure. For example, with an in-person book talk, readers can only participate for an hour or two.

What if there was a way to avoid all the travel AND be able to receive ongoing exposure from each stop on your book tour?

Enter… virtual book tours.


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Virtual Book Tours

A virtual book tour is much like a traditional, in-person, book tour but instead of the author travelling from town to town hoping there will be a crowd when they show up, they tour their book online. Online book tours, which are referred to as virtual book tours, are where authors create multimedia content to share on a wide variety of blogs across the Internet.

The benefits of a virtual book tour include:

  • Ongoing exposure and book sales
  • Increased credibility as they are endorsed by thought leaders in their field
  • Exposure to new audiences across the globe

Focus on Being Featured on Blogs in Your Niche

The best blogs to include in your virtual book tour are those that write on topics of interest to your target audience. This will make you an appealing guest to your tour hosts, as you’ll be providing relevant content to their readers. This will also become a powerful marketing opportunity for you as you will have the opportunity to gain exposure to many new audiences.

Written blog posts are a great way for you to share ideas, book excerpts, and content related to the topic of your book. As part of your virtual book tour, you can also share multimedia content.

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Audio Book Talks

An extremely effective way to share your message is with a live audio presentation or an audio recording. There are many services and opportunities available for this purpose. The most common online speaking opportunities include Teleseminars (FreeConFerenceCalling) Podcasts (iTunes) and Internet Radio Shows (BlogTalkRadio).

One of the easiest, free, ways to record an audio (talk or interview) that is easily accessible to online listeners, is with a service such as FreeConferenceCalling.com. With this service you can have your listeners call in to a conference line to listen in live, or you can provide them with a link to the MP3 audio recording. You are also provided with the embed code so that you can add the audio player, of your recording, on your website.

During virtual book talks, authors can share about their books and their author journey. They can be on the call solo, or they can have someone else on the line with them. Having someone with you on the line increases engagement with the audience, and having someone on the line, who is considered to be an expert in your field, increases your credibility.

Video Book Talks

VideoBookTalksIt is easier than ever to produce online videos. You can fire up your Web cam, or a free software program such as JingProject.com, and either speak your message to the camera, or record a PowerPoint presentation.

Blog tours provide increased credibility by thought leaders in their field as they can both see and hear you. You can share with them about your journey as an author, give a book talk which provides an overview of your book, or even read them a section of your book.

With both audio and video content, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Feel free to be creative. It’s your show! What do you want your readers to know about you and your book?

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Virtual Book Signings

BookSigningsBelieve it or not, it is actually possible to sign books, virtually! AuthorGraph is the most popular virtual book signing system, for Kindle books.

AuthorGraph is simple, free, and fun. You can sign up for a free account at KindleGraph.com. Add your book listings to the site and let your readers know that they can get a signed, digital, bookplate with their purchase of your Kindle book. This is unique and can build a lot of buzz for your book.

 Time to Take Action

Take a moment to review this article and choose one or two things that you’d like to take action on. For your convenience, I’ll list a few action steps below for you to choose from.

  • Register for free accounts with FreeConferenceCalling.com, JingProject.com, and KindleGraph.com.
  • Add your book listing to the KindleGraph site.
  • Open up your calendar and schedule a time to have someone interview you while you record your audio with the FreeConferenceCalling system.
  • Install the JingProject software, fire it up, and share one tip or one thought about your book.

What are your thoughts about virtual book tours, virtual book signings and virtual book talks for authors?

Scroll down and share your thoughts, questions, and ideas below.


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DvorahAbout the Author of this Blog Post: D’vorah has been marketing online since 1994 and since 2007 she has taught online book marketing practices to 1000’s of authors across the globe. You can find her at: www.ReachMoreReaders.com and www.LinkedIn.com/in/themarketingwizard



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