Social Media Weekly Roundup

Social Media Weekly Roundup for Indie AuthorsI hope you enjoy this week’s selection of posts. If you only read one post, read Lisa Tener’s Grammar Mistakes, Fixes, and Writing Tips for the Excellence-Minded Blogger.

Social Media Tips for Indie Authors

Best Post of the Week

Grammar Mistakes, Fixes, and Writing Tips for the Excellence-Minded Blogger by Lisa Tener from AHREFS: “What are some of your writing goals as a blogger? Perhaps:

  • Get more people to read your posts?
  • Make an impact on your readers?
  • Start inspiring conversations?
  • Motivate your readers to take an action?

With any of these goals, correct grammar and quality writing matter. Good writing draws your readers in—and keeps them reading, sharing and recommending your posts to others.”

Note: Do you have a guest post strategy to expand the reach of your brand and find new readers and colleagues with whom to co-market your books? If not, read this post. It’s excellent.

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Weekly Roundup – April 22, 2016

Sunrise at the coast

How do you rejuvenate yourself? As an indie writer you’re an author, publicist, social media strategist, and project manager as you oversee your editor, interior book designer, and cover artist. On top of all of those responsibilities, you have your family and maybe your day job. When you’re pulled in so many directions, how do you fill yourself up when you begin to feel drained? Know what I do? I head to the beach, and that’s where I am today. Feeling the spray of water on my face, soaking in the sun, and closing my eyes and resting to the sound of the waves rush in. Write to me and tell me what you do to restore your spirit.

Top Posts of the Week

How to Write a Book Description for Amazon by Mike Fishbein: “As an author, it’s your job to make sure your readers get excited about your book. You need to set the stage properly that triggers their emotions, leaving them eager to buy and start reading.” Note: Mike knows what he’s talking about. He’s a prolific nonfiction author and this post lays a foundation for writing your next book description for Amazon.

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Friday Roundup April 15, 2016

Friday Roundup of the week's best posts by Frances Caballo

Welcome to Friday’s Weekly Roundup, my collection of the week’s best posts. I hope you enjoy this week’s collection.

How to Use MailChimp and Bookfunnel to Grow Your Author Mailing List by Aimee Coveney via Alliance of Independent AuthorsWhile you may not have the intention of sending newsletters on a weekly or even monthly basis, when you have a new book available, what easier way is there to share the news with your existing audience? It’s therefore well worth going to the trouble of attracting new subscribers to your mailing list. Note: This post explains how you can use Bookfunnel to get your lead magnets (giveaway books) into the hands of your readers so you can grow your email list.

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