Take a Virtual Book Tour with Your Book – From Your Home

Virtual Blog Tours - Frances CaballoWe are so lucky to have a guest post today by D’vorah Lansky, M.E., the bestselling author of several books including the Productivity Action Guide for Authors. Today she focuses on virtual book tours, a topic I receive a lot of questions about. Enjoy the post!

We’ve all heard about authors taking their books on tour, from town to town or even cross-country. Their goal is to gain a lot of exposure and sell a lot of books. The thing is, there is no guarantee as to how many people will show up for their book talks or if they’ll even sell any books.

What’s more, all of this effort provides only a small window of exposure. For example, with an in-person book talk, readers can only participate for an hour or two.

What if there was a way to avoid all the travel AND be able to receive ongoing exposure from each stop on your book tour?

Enter… virtual book tours.


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Virtual Book Tours

A virtual book tour is much like a traditional, in-person, book tour but instead of the author travelling from town to town hoping there will be a crowd when they show up, they tour their book online. Online book tours, which are referred to as virtual book tours, are where authors create multimedia content to share on a wide variety of blogs across the Internet.

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