WattPad: Cool Marketing Tool For Authors

Wattpad: The Cool Network for Authors by Frances CaballoToday’s post is by Sydney Scrogham. She answered my call for guest posts from authors who  have a uniquely interesting book/social media marketing story to share. If you’re interested in writing a guest post for my blog, send me a guest post of at least 1,000 words. And please explain your unique strategy in using social media to publicize your book. (Just send me a note via my Contact Me page.)

If you’re willing to work with WattPad, you can make it work for you.

Don’t have any idea what WattPad is? It is such a cool marketing tool for authors.

It is, in my opinion, the best social media platform for authors—next to Pinterest. You write your book, post its content in segments, and it becomes available to millions of readers. About 85% of those readers are interacting with WattPad through a mobile device.

But you don’t make any money off of what you put on WattPad. Instead, it’s a place to connect with new readers, writers, and get feedback on your stories or nonfiction books.

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