Social Media Weekly Roundup

Social Media Weekly Roundup for Indie AuthorsI hope you enjoy this week’s selection of posts. If you only read one post, read Lisa Tener’s Grammar Mistakes, Fixes, and Writing Tips for the Excellence-Minded Blogger.

Social Media Tips for Indie Authors

Best Post of the Week

Grammar Mistakes, Fixes, and Writing Tips for the Excellence-Minded Blogger by Lisa Tener from AHREFS: “What are some of your writing goals as a blogger? Perhaps:

  • Get more people to read your posts?
  • Make an impact on your readers?
  • Start inspiring conversations?
  • Motivate your readers to take an action?

With any of these goals, correct grammar and quality writing matter. Good writing draws your readers in—and keeps them reading, sharing and recommending your posts to others.”

Note: Do you have a guest post strategy to expand the reach of your brand and find new readers and colleagues with whom to co-market your books? If not, read this post. It’s excellent.

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Social Media Weekly Roundup for Authors

5-27-16 WeeklyRoundup-2I was talking with a friend recently, and she asked me what I’d be publishing this year. I told her I’m writing three books: the Goodreads book I just released, a time management book, and a comprehensive book on social media. She asked me how much they would cost. I haven’t decided on a price for the paperback of the last book I’ll release this year, but the ebook will be about $4.99. She said, “That’s expensive for an ebook.” Really? I tried to explain to her the costs indie authors incur: their time, editing, book covers, and book formatting. When you consider the costs, I don’t think a comprehensive book priced at $4.99 is too much. So my message this week is don’t fall into the trap that all of your books need to be priced at $.99. You’re worth more than that. Now tell me what you think about book pricing. Note: I do lower the price of my ebooks after they’ve been on the market for a couple of years and when I’m preparing a massive update.

Here’s the Social Media Weekly Roundup

Using The #Audiobook Service ACX via Self-Published Authors Helping Authors: “I think I speak for many of us when I say we’d like to have our books in audiobook form. Besides being a possible way to connect to new readers who don’t necessarily like to sit down with a paperback or e-book and another possible source of revenue, audiobooks have a prestige to them. It’s sort of magical hearing your characters come to life in your car or in your earbuds through sound and description. It’s pretty powerful.”

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