10 Tips for Authors Using Social Media

12-8-14 Social Media Tips for Authors


Recently, Mashable wrote a post focused on social media tips specifically for writers that I found intriguing.

If you’re not familiar with Mashable, the website keeps its readers up to date on all things techy, from equipment to programs to social media.

In its recent post, Mashable polled six authors who have expertise in branding and asked them to share their best suggestions. Here’s what they said as well as my recommendations and comments.

10 Awesome Tips for Authors Using Social Media

1. Sign Up for the Big Networks

In other words, sign up for Twitter and Facebook. If you write romance or erotica, I don’t suggest rushing to LinkedIn.

I also consider Pinterest and Google+ big networks and as you gain confidence with Twitter and Facebook, venture further into the terrain of the big networks.

If you published a cookbook or another type of image-based book, you need to be on Instagram. And if you write YA and New Adult novels, I would suggest you join Tumblr. That’s where you’ll find most of your readers.

I don’t recommend that you join all the big networks at once. Ease into social media. And don’t worry about RebelMouse or Medium. You may never need to join those networks.

2. Interact and Engage — Enthusiastically

I wholeheartedly agree with this advice. Keep the social in social media by allocating time each day to communicate with your friends, fans, followers, connections and readers.

Like your fans’ posts, reply to comments they left on your Facebook page, retweet messages from followers, and generally comment on or share your readers’ content when appropriate.

I do, however, disagree with Allison Winn Scotch’s advice to only post a few times a week on Facebook. If you do that, you will lose your place in your fans’ news feeds.

Try to post twice a day on your Facebook page. If that seems unbearable, then post at least once daily. And use applications such as Mention to keep up with what your connections are doing and saying.

In addition, sign up for SocialOomph, which will schedule your posts but and notify you daily about replies and retweets.

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