Publishing Your First Book? Follow These Steps

How to Market Your First Book by Frances CaballoDid you just publish your first book? Exciting, isn’t it?

When I published my first book, I did some things wrong.

I was already active on several social media networks, but my website was all wrong. So was my blog.

Initially, I imagined providing social media services for all demographics: businesses, nonprofits, and authors. So my website was a general website for a social media business.

I share this information as an example that as new authors, you don’t always get everything right the first time. So let me make it easier for you by making these suggestions.

Step One – Website

As you’re writing your book, you need to build an author website. You can try to build it yourself, or you can hire someone.

Make sure that you build a WordPress website. I prefer the StudioPress templates.

Do you write fiction or nonfiction? There are a variety of opinions as to whether fiction authors need a blog. If you have one, make sure you self-host it on your website instead of using Blogger or

Include on your website:

  • Home page
  • Blog (if you decide to host one)
  • Landing pages for your books
  • About page
  • Media Kit
  • Contact page

You’ll need an excellent hosting company and I recommend A2. Their customer service is excellent.

Step Two – Newsletter List

Start growing your email list. Decide whether you want to use AWeber or MailChimp. I use MailChimp and my webmaster recently switch from AWeber to MailChimp recently. These are the top newsletter software programs so review the costs, the ease of use, and decide for yourself.

Step Three – The Ethical Bribe

Make sure every page on your website has a call to action that offers a freebie provided your readers turn over their email addresses. This is what Joel Friedlander refers to as an “ethical bribe.”

The process isn’t as sardonic as it sounds. If you offer a quality freebie, such as the first two chapters of your newest book or an entire book, your readers will gladly provide their emails so they can receive a PDF or eBook they’d love to have.

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