Publishing Your First Book? Follow These Steps

I just did it again. I added even more pages to Twitter Just for Writers, bringing it to 52 pages. And it’s Free for you.

Twitter Just for WritersGrab a copy of your 52-page eBook on Twitter today. In Twitter Just for Writers you’ll find:

  • Easy to follow instructions on how you can get started.
  • Instructions on how to devise a password that will never be hacked.
  • Terms and special hashtags just for authors like you.
  • A list of applications to use with Twitter.
  • Advice on how to select your username and write your bio. (So many authors get this wrong.)
  • Plus guidelines for advanced users!

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How to Market Your First Book by Frances CaballoDid you just publish your first book? Exciting, isn’t it?

When I published my first book, I did some things wrong.

I was already active on several social media networks, but my website was all wrong. So was my blog.

Initially, I imagined providing social media services for all demographics: businesses, nonprofits, and authors. So my website was a general website for a social media business.

I share this information as an example that as new authors, you don’t always get everything right the first time. So let me make it easier for you by making these suggestions.

Step One – Website

As you’re writing your book, you need to build an author website. You can try to build it yourself, or you can hire someone.

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