Move Over Mignon Fogarty, The Grammar Diva is Here: Grammar tips for authors

Grammar Meets Social Media for Authors by Frances CaballoToday I am thrilled to present this guest post by Arlene Miller, The Grammar Diva, my dearest colleague and friend. She edits all of my books and has written several books on grammar. She understands language and grammar better than anyone else out there on the Internet today. (Sorry, Mignon Fogarty aka @GrammarGirl.) And Arlene is a successful self-published author who has sold thousands of books and been approached by agents. Will she ever publish traditionally? No! Check out her grammar tips for authors below.

Grammar Tips for Authors

By Arlene Miller

“It’s just a Tweet—fewer than 140 characters. Too short to even think about grammar.”

“It’s just Facebook—they’re my friends [all 2749 of them]. They’ll understand what I mean.”

Did you know that the top two things that disqualify a potential date are bad teeth and—yup— bad grammar? And when questioned, people say they would be reluctant to do business with a company whose website contains typos and incorrect grammar.

How you write and speak are two of the important ways you present yourself to the world. You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

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