Authors: Grow Your Twitter Tribe with These Tips

How to Grow Your Twitter Tribe by Frances Caballo

Grow Your Twitter Tribe with Targeted Hashtags

A couple of years ago, I wrote a two-part series on hashtags authors could use to mingle with other writers on Twitter, find readers, and grow your Twitter tribe. Let’s look at that list and had several more to it.

But first let me explain a method you can use to find readers. In one word that method is hashtags. I would use the following hashtags for that purpose:








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How Not to Sell Books on Twitter … And What to Do Instead

5-18-15 Twitter Book MarketingToday’s guest post on book marketing is by author and editor, Jordan Rosenfeld.

After the thrill of writing and the exhilaration of publishing comes the thud of marketing. For many writers, this is where they fall off the face of the cliff in exhaustion or anxiety. Writers are, after all, more often creative people than business people, easily overwhelmed by shilling one’s work in a crowded marketplace.

And yet, writers are perfectly poised to use that same creative power that writes books, stories and essays, to design their social media strategy. In particular, I’m going to focus on Twitter—though what I’ll say can be applied to most other forms of social media in one way or another.

Writers are poised to design their social media strategy via @CaballoFrancesClick To Tweet

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