How to Find Great Content Your Readers Will Love – Part 2

How to Save Time Part 2 by Frances CaballoHow do you succeed when using social media or even when blogging? Deliver great content. Always. Sometimes finding great content can be time consuming. These tools will help you economize your discovery phase of social media marketing. This is Part II of a two-part series. Find Part I here.

Surfing with Your Mobile Devices

Do you prefer to conduct your Internet navigation on mobile devices? Then try some of these applications.


If you use the scheduling application, Buffer, Daily is a companion app. Daily will suggest stories. Select the ones you prefer with a touch of the finger and Daily will send the story to your queue for scheduling. It’s one of the easiest curation apps to use.


Feeddler is an RSS reader for iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches. It’s similar to Feedly in that it’s a blog post aggregator. (RSS originally meant RDF Site Summary but it’s now known as Real Simple Syndication.) As with Feedly, use this mobile, iOS app to collect the headlines and links to updates from your favorite blogs. Download the app from the iTunes store.

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