Are You Engaging with Your Readers?

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Are you engaging with your readers? by Frances Caballo

Engagement: an arrangement to meet or be present at a specified time and place; something that engagespledge; … the act of engaging: the state of being engaged
…; the state of being in gear; a hostile encounter between military forces. Source: Miriam-Webster

Dictionaries have not yet caught up with the new definition of engagement – or, at least, the definition that social media attaches to the word.

In the world of Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks, engagement means connection. It means listening to your readers, communicating with your readers, and providing the type of content that your readers will appreciate.

If you write nonfiction, you need to address the issues your readers face. Solve their problems. Provide a clear path down the road they want to take.

Experts tell authors they must engage with their readers. Experts admonish blogger that if they are failing, it’s because they aren’t engaging their readers.

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