Indie Author Weekly Update February 3, 2017

Indie Author Weekly Updates

Today’s Indie Author Weekly Update encompasses every topic, from increasing ebook sales to book promotion and from Facebook to building a website. I hope you enjoy these blog posts from across the internet from experts in publishing and social media.

On a personal front, I’m busy getting ready for the San Francisco Writers Conference, where I’ll be teaching two sessions and participating in two panels. If you’ve never been to this conference, you should check into it. Even if you can’t attend the entire conference, there are pre- and post-sessions that are available separately. Besides, you can’t beat the setting: the conference is at the Mark Hopkin Hotel. I hope to see some of you there.

Indie Author Updates

A Powerful Shortcut for Discovering Keywords to Increase Ebook Sales  Digital Book World: “Indie authors and ebook publishers have a powerful tool for increasing book sales that costs nothing and already exists in their online book selling setup: keywords. The keywords associated with an ebook in an online store can help drive readers to your sales page. When you attract more people to your book’s sales page, the more opportunities you have to make sales.”

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Everyone’s Reporting on eBook Sales But Who Is Telling the Truth?

Everyone's Reporting on eBook Sales But Who Is Telling the Truth? by Frances CaballoI just got off the phone with a man trying to sell me insurance. He asked me what I did, and I told him I was a writer. “Fiction or nonfiction?” he asked. “Fiction.”

He said excitedly that he had just finished a couple of novels lately, and that he really enjoyed them — “The first books I’ve read in a few years,” he said. I asked him if he read them as paperbacks or eBooks, and his answer completely surprised me.

“Hard cover,” he said.

“Really?” I was astonished. I’m a writer, an instructor of creative writing, and I have a healthy budget for buying books. But I still almost never buy hard covers; I think their prices are far too high. The last hard cover book I got was a Christmas present.

“You plunk down $28 dollars for a hard cover?” I asked him.

Well, no, he admitted. He gets them second-hand from his father-in-law. He doesn’t generally buy books himself.

That made more sense to me.

Have eBook Sales Flattened, Or Is It Just Hype?

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