Authors: Learn How to Create Shareable Facebook Content

Authors: Learn How to Create Shareable Facebook Content by Frances Caballo


My Personal Facebook Tips

As usual, this week’s episode includes summaries of several blog posts with awesome Facebook tips.

Engagement – the goal of all of our social media efforts – can be tough to attain on Facebook. As I’ll talk about later in this episode, Facebook keeps tweaking the algorithm, making it harder for the posts on our Facebook Author Pages to reach all of our readers.

Darn! Right?

Well, I have some tips for you, and here they are:

  1. Post more frequently. I recommend twice each weekday and once each day on the weekend.
  2. Mix up the days and times you post on Facebook. You’ll, of course, want to check your Insights to see when your fans are on Facebook. But you’ll also want to check for when they are most likely to engage, and the only method to find that out is by mixing it up.
  3. Write short (80 to 100 characters) vs. long narratives. Text overload is rampant these days so if you want your fans to read your post, keep your posts short. The caveat here: Some people do have success with very long, personal revelations and that’s great. But mostly, people want to peruse their newsfeeds quickly.
  4. Include more personality. People do not buy books from brands; they buy books from writers so don’t be afraid to share information that reveals more of your personality. (Confession: I’ve been deficient in this area.)
  5. Be controversial at times. Take a stand on an issue in your niche, genre, or recent events.
  6. Add calls to action. Don’t be afraid to ask your fans to purchase your new book. Just use that call to action sparingly.
  7. Vary your types of posts. Vary the topics, the length, the types of images you use, and the types of questions you pose.
  8. Respond promptly and tag commenters. Try to respond to comments as soon as you can and be sure to type their name (tag them) in your response.
  9. Consider freshening up your cover image on a quarterly basis using Canva or PicMonkey.
  10. Host a Facebook Friday networking party that enables your fans to promote their books, blog posts, or other types of news. Get to know your readers and what matters to them.
  11. Drive traffic from other social media sites to posts your want to receive additional attention. This is how: When you click on the date stamp of your Facebook post, you will see that your post has a unique URL. You can drive traffic to that post by using that URL in a tweet or LinkedIn post.

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