Social Media Updates for Authors

Social Media Updates for AuthorsI hope you enjoy this week’s social media updates for authors. There’s a lot of information packed into today’s Weekly Roundup, including information on Facebook’s newest feature, the importance of video, and the introduction of Pronoun. Read and enjoy.

ALLi Watchdog Report: Pronoun  from Alliance of Independent Authors and by John Doppler:  “Pronoun’s streamlined interface for uploading and formatting ebooks will be a delight to those who find KDP daunting. The step-by-step guide prompts the author for any necessary information along the way.

“After selecting an ebook template and uploading your Word document, Pronoun converts your manuscript into .epub and .mobi versions which are yours to do with as you please. The setup process does not offer assistance in formatting your document, but a test document I uploaded with basic formatting converted cleanly, and yielded a professional-looking ebook in minutes.”

Note: To go directly to Pronoun, which I’m excited about, go to this website. I signed up for it and maybe write a post about Pronoun in a future post.

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