Social Media for Authors Podcast: Twitter Templates, Tips and Hints

Twitter Templates, Tips, Hints by Frances CaballoYou’re reading the text version of the Social Media for Authors Podcast, Episode 21, written and copyrighted by Frances Caballo.

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As usual, this week’s episode includes summaries of four blog posts with awesome suggestions about Twitter and, of course, I have your tip of the week.

Let’s start with your weekly tip.

As I said, this week we’re talking about Twitter – my favorite social media network.

There are so many ways to retweet these days, aren’t there?

What I’m loving about Twitter these days is the option to retweet and add a comment on top of the tweet. How cool is that?

When you hit the retweet button, you can simply share the original tweet or add your own comment on top. Love the choices!

Basically, this is how you do it: hover over a tweet, click the retweet icon, a pop-up will show you the tweet and a comment box, type your comment, click the Tweet button, and that’s it.

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