Friday Roundup of the Week’s Best Posts

wavesI am busy teaching at the San Francisco Writers Conference  so I thought I would keep today’s post simple!

Rethinking Social Media Success by Angie Pascal f0r ClickZ: The practice of measuring social media success is fraught with misunderstanding and uncertainty. It’s been that way since social media first became a buzzword, and continues to be a contentious subject. However, I noticed a shift in 2014 that I see as extremely positive, and one that will surely continue to become stronger in 2015 and beyond.

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The New Facebook Ban Authors Need to Know About

12-29-14 The New Facebook Ban on Promotional Posts - How it affects Indie Authors by Frances CaballoLast week, Nina Amir sent me an email with a link to the blog post about the new Facebook ban on promotional posts on fan pages. She wanted me to know what I thought about the ban.

In case you didn’t see it, the blog post, titled Facebook Promotional Ban Spells Trouble for Authors, said that the new Facebook policy that takes effect on January 1st will be a problem for Indie authors.

AuthorLink is talking about the new ban on purely promotional posts created on fan pages that goes into effect in a few days.

ClickZ Explains the New Facebook Ban

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