Not Sure How to Blog? Follow These 4 Steps

4 Steps to Author Blogging by Frances CaballoBlogging. Every author needs to do it.

But authors, who write a lot either as a passion or for a living, often seem stymied when it comes to writing blog posts.

I commonly hear the following comments:


“I said everything in my book.”

“My life isn’t that interesting.”

“I don’t have time.”


Well, as someone once told me, it’s not that we don’t have time; it’s that we have other priorities.

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Friday Roundup: Resources for Indie Authors

11-14-14 Indie Author Resources

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Welcome to the Friday Roundup where you’ll find practical tips for marketing your books on the social web. This week’s segment of Resources for Indie Authors tackles the topic of blogging.

Blogging takes work, don’t you agree? You need to plan your topics, set up an editorial calendar and follow it.

Thank goodness there are tools to make blogging easier. No, there isn’t an application that will do the writing for you, but there are apps that will help you decide on your topics and research them for you. That’s huge.

Do you ever have trouble coming up with blog topics? It’s a common complaint.

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