20 Blog Post Must-Haves for Every Writer

1-13-14 BlogRecently, Lorraine Reguly asked me if I would take a look at her blogging ebook. I agreed with no promise to review or mention it on my blog. However, guess what? I love her ebook. It contains all the essentials, links to more information, and even some search engine optimization tips. And all of this information is contained in an 18-page ebook.

20 Blog Post Must-Haves by Lorraine Reguly

 Let’s admit it, coming up with blog post ideas can be difficult. As you scan the Internet it is sometimes difficult to determine what you can say that someone else hasn’t already written about, right?

Well, Lorraine starts her ebook with a strategy for addressing every blogger’s dilemma: What should I write about next?

This is her strategy. Create a mind map, check Twitter to see what’s trending, or think of a subject you would like to learn more about and research the topic and write about it. Chances are if you have a question, so will your readers.

Here are some additional tips she offers:

•    Identify a need

•    Picture a reader

•    Break out of the echo chamber

•    Write something that matters to you

•    Write something topical

•    One topic per post

•    Plan ahead

Here are some of her personal methods for discovering new topics to explore on her blog.

•    Jot down an idea for a post topic in a text document and place it on your desktop.

•    Scan your “ideas” document and look for topics that resonate with you.

•    Brainstorm points that you could write about, title ideas and think particularly about reader needs.

Lorraine recommends these blog posts for further reading on this topic:

•    How to Write a Good Interesting Blog

•    5.5 Tips To Write Amazing Blog Posts Even If You Are A Newbie (SEO without SEOing)

Are you still stuck? Lorraine suggests that you read 24 Things to Do When Stuck for a Topic to Blog About.

How to Write a Must-Read Blog Title

Lorraine doesn’t specifically cover blog titles in her ebook so I’m going to share my best tips with you.

•    Tease Readers with Keyword-Rich Blog Titles—Blog titles need to attract attention, have zing, and appeal to a reader’s curiosity. Think about the teasers at the top of newspapers. Their purpose is to entice you to drop some coins into newspaper racks and read the stories below the fold and on the newspaper’s internal pages. The next time you write a title for your blog, try to write teaser copy. Use words that will lure your readers in.

•    Use Google Adwords—Find keywords particular to your niche, and use them in your title and in the post. Use “long-tailed” keywords, terms that include two or more words that are unique. For example, if you were to type “social media” into your favorite search engine, you would see hundreds of thousands of pages of results. However, if you were to type “social media for mortgage lenders,” the results would narrow.

•    Use numbers in your blog title—People are more likely to click on a title if it contains numbers— especially odd numbers. Would you be able to resist a blog with this title : “5 Ways to Master Facebook”? Isn’t it tempting to click on that link to find out how you can master Facebook in just five steps?

•    Make sure your title is eight words or less—Again, think about the teasers above the masthead and try to mimic them. The next time you’re at a checkout stand at your grocery store, scan the tabloids for teaser copy.

•    Write your blog title after you write your newest post—Writing can sometimes take you to a different destination than you planned. Flow with the words, let them take you wherever they may, and write your title last.

•    Avoid titles that appear catchy to you, yet convey no meaning to a wider audience—For example, instead of using the blog title “On Your Mark, Get Set, Tweet!” use this one: “5 Reasons Every Writer Must Tweet.”

For additional information on how to write great blog titles, Lorraine recommends these posts for further reading:

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To see her resources on where you can find images and learn other tips she includes in 20 Blog Post Must-Haves, you can download it for free here.

What is the hardest part about maintaining a blog for you?


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