Authors: Grow Your Twitter Tribe with These Tips

How to Grow Your Twitter Tribe by Frances Caballo

Grow Your Twitter Tribe with Targeted Hashtags

A couple of years ago, I wrote a two-part series on hashtags authors could use to mingle with other writers on Twitter, find readers, and grow your Twitter tribe. Let’s look at that list and had several more to it.

But first let me explain a method you can use to find readers. In one word that method is hashtags. I would use the following hashtags for that purpose:








To attract readers to your tweets, add one of these:










Use genre-related hashtags, such as #mystery, #thriller, #memoir, #nonfiction, #fiction, #YA, #NewAdult, #shortstory, #poetry, #crime, #DarkFantasy, #dystopian, #erotica, #romance, #HistFic

To network with other authors and those in the publishing industry you might want to use some of these:



#IAN (Independent Author Network)







#1K1H (write one thousand words in one hour)






#NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month is held every November)













Use #WW (#Writers #Wednesday) to acknowledge your Tweeps who write.

#KPD (Kindle Publishing Direct)


To share book marketing advice, try these:




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Authors: Enjoy Social Media Success with These Tips

 Social Media Success for Authors by Frances Caballo

You’re reading the text version of the Social Media for Authors Podcast, Episode 34 published and copyrighted by Frances Caballo every week.

As usual, this week’s episode includes summaries of blog posts with awesome tips about Social Media and, of course, I have tips to make you happier. 🙂 Enjoy!

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I want to start by mentioning that I live in Northern California and our neighboring county, Lake County, has been besieged by fires all summer. The biggest fire yet started recently, and if you’d like to help, you can contact the Red Cross. Survivors of the Valley Fire need everyone’s support.

Next, I want to mention that there’s a free, online author’s conference in October. The benefit of attending this one is you don’t have to buy a plane ticket or stay in a hotel. Just follow the link to learn more about the conference and the speakers. There will be some talented speakers at this event, including moi.

Feel Happier on Social Media

For today’s episode, instead of sharing my own tips I thought I would instead share a post I read on Fulfillment Daily called 7 Tech Habits Guaranteed to Make You Happier.

We can all feel happier at times, right?

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How to Market Your Books Like a Pro

Market Like a Pro by Frances CaballoDo you worry that you’ll either never have the time or the inclination to become the social media expert you aspire to be to successfully market your books?

Do you feel as though you’re so behind that you’ll never catch up?

Are you hoping privately that social media will just go away so you’ll never have to learn it?

Or do you believe that it’s useless to learn social media since it’s always changing, and you’ll always be behind?

Well, guess what? Social media isn’t going away. Yes, it will continue to evolve, but it’s here to stay. And that’s awesome because social media levels the marketing playing field between traditionally published authors and independently published authors.

Even though you’ll need to keep up with some of the changes over time, that’s no reason to despair. After all, all the changes won’t apply to your book marketing efforts.

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Social Media Changes Authors Need to Know

Check Out What's NewHave you noticed all the changes occurring on social media?

Sure, every day there’s a tweak here and there but these are exciting.

But here are some changes that authors need to know.



Back in March, Twitter unveiled Periscope, a live-streaming video application.

Videos are called scopes and likes are communicated in the form of hearts. Similar to Instagram, just tap the screen and send you an appreciation for the “scope.”

When I first learned about Periscope in late spring, I also discovered Alex Pettitt on YouTube. He’s a Periscope expert and uses the app to dispense his tips. You’ll also find his short videos on YouTube. He’s a kick to listen to.

When I first tried Periscope several months ago, I filmed my first scope, and then immediately deleted it. However, I enjoy some of the Scopes my followers have been posting.

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AuthorRise Expands Features for Authors

AuthorRise Expands Features for Authors by Frances CaballoThere’s now one application that combines marketing tools, analytics and growth strategies and it’s from AuthorRise.

I first wrote about AuthorRise on Joel Friedlander’s blog, The Book Designer. Since then, AuthorRise has revamped its website and offerings. Here’s the new version of the online app for writers.

AuthorRise Features

Let’s first take a look at this app’s features:

  • Analytics – AuthorRise provides analytics that will reveal which tweets trigger engagement among your readers and other followers. You can send your tweets from any Platform, even Twitter, and AuthorRise will still track their performance. Caveat: The only problem with this feature is that you will still need to check your Twitter Timeline to determine exactly which tweet did this. You could also simply refer to your Twitter analytics at

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Social Media Hacks for Indie Authors

Social Media Hacks for Indie AuthorsOn February 1, I fell and fractured my left wrist. It was a bad fracture.

Each time the radiology techs took an x-ray, they would say, “Oh, my God!” or “That’s a really bad break.”

There’s a reason I’m telling you this painful tale.

After the fall, I suddenly found myself with just one useable arm and hand. For eight long weeks, my left arm and a good part of my hand were in a cast. (The experience gave me a new appreciation for amputees.)

Even after the cast came off, for several weeks my hand would go into a spasm whenever I tried to type.

What’s a writer to do? This is how I handled the setback.

Social Media Hacks for a One-handed Writer

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Want to Sell More Books? 23 Pinterest Tips Every Author Needs to Know

What to Sell More Books? 23 Pinterest Tips for Authors by Frances Caballo

Let’s talk about Pinterest today, the social media network that seems to be an afterthought in many authors’ marketing strategies.

As I recently revealed in a blog post, Pinterest is my #3 source for website traffic (following Twitter, in first place, and Facebook). So for me, Pinterest is far from an afterthought.

In fact, I create images that you can’t see on my blog that I use exclusively for pinning to Pinterest. But more about that later.

Here are some quick & easy Pinterest tips:

  1. Add the Pin It button to your browser so that wherever you are on the Web, you’ll have an opportunity to pin an image you like. Visit the goodies page on Pinterest to find it. Go here to get started.
  2. Designate a pinboard for your blog and then create images for your blog posts. By pinning images from your posts, you can increase traffic to your website.
  3. When you pin an image, especially one from your blog, add a keyword-rich description.
  4. Use the Pinterest app for your smartphone so you can pin as you navigate the Internet wherever you are.
  5. Organize your pinned images into boards.
  6. Don’t pin dozens of images in one session. If you do, you’ll overwhelm your followers’ news feeds. It would be akin to writing twelve Facebook posts in a row. If you can schedule your pinned images or break up you pinning sessions.
  7. If you still have a personal account on Pinterest, convert it to a business account so that you can have access to analytics.
  8. Take the time to come up with interesting titles for your boards while keeping in mind the importance of keywords.

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I have so much more to say about Pinterest but let’s move on to what other experts suggest.

Pinterest Tips Authors Need to Try 

First up is a post by Social Media Examiner titled Pinterest Set to Surge in 2016: New Research.

The post begins with this comment:

Pinterest’s unique setup gives it more selling potential than other platforms. Because users can follow both boards (or subjects) and individual pinners, the channel leads users to items as much as people.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

The first point made her is that Pinterest users are shoppers. So it not only connects people, similar to Facebook or Twitter, but it’s great for sending people to online vendors, including book retailers.

And data shows that since 2011, “the number of Pinterest users going from the platform to a website has multiplied seven times, far outstripping Twitter and others.”


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Answers to Authors’ Most Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Authors by Frances CaballoWhen I teach at conferences or when I’m speaking with colleagues, I’m frequently asked certain questions about social media. So I thought it would be helpful if I answered on my blog today some of the most frequently asked questions I hear.


Which social media network should I start with?

That’s an excellent question. My response is typically a question: who is your audience? What are the ages of people in your that audience?

In other words, for whom are you writing?

Some authors will respond that their books are important to everyone and that anyone and everyone could read them.

But that’s not the case. Some readers love historical fiction, and others would rather read biographies.

You may be writing young adult, new adult, or middle-grade books. For those genres, you have very specific audiences.

Here’s another answer. I think every author should use Twitter. In my experience, Twitter opens doors and can help fuel sales.

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Social Media for Authors Podcast: How to Conquer Google+

Social Media for Authors Podcast  by Frances CaballoBelow are the show notes from Episode 16 of the Social Media for Authors Podcast. To read the show notes from previous episodes,  please refer to my earlier Friday blog posts.

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This week’s episode includes summaries of four blog posts with awesome tips that will help you get more out of Google+, and, of course, I have your tip of the week.

Let’s start with your weekly tip.

Before I officially launched this podcast in January, I sponsored a survey, and I asked all of my followers to tell me what they (you) wanted to learn about in this podcast.

Well, Google+ ranked high so here I am fulfilling my promise and giving you information you’re going to love, and that will help you better learn how to make use of this powerful, great social media network.

When Google+ first appeared on June 28, 2011, everyone wondered whether it would destroy Facebook’s popularity the way Facebook tossed a lance into MySpace.

Some social media experts expounded on Facebook’s vulnerability and even publicly said adios to Facebook while proclaiming their allegiance to Google’s new social media product.

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Social Media for Authors Podcast: Improve Your Marketing Results

Episode 14 - Social Media Sweet SpotTo read previous episode show notes, refer to my Friday blog posts.

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 Episode 14 Show Notes

This week’s segment includes summaries of four blog posts with awesome social media tips, and of course, I have your tip of the week.

Let’s start with your weekly tip.

You spend so much time learning about social media and keeping up with it that you’d like to see great results, right?

It’s only natural that we want to see our tweets retweeted, our Facebook updates shared and liked, and our images shared.

For me, it’s a sad day when after carefully planning my social media posts they trigger little engagement.

Today I’m going to suggest just three tips that have helped me and I think
will help you too.

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