How to Step Up Your Author Presence on LinkedIn

4-27-15 Your Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Authors by Frances CaballoYou’re reading the text version of the Social Media for Authors Podcast, Episode 27 published and copyrighted by Frances Caballo every week.

As usual, this week’s episode includes summaries of four blog posts with awesome tips about how to step up your presence on LinkedIn and, of course, I have your tip of the week. Enjoy!

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LinkedIn Statistics and Publishing Options

It’s been a long while since I’ve talked about LinkedIn. We all naturally gravitate to Facebook because it’s been around the longest and Twitter because we know how important it is for authors.

But what about LinkedIn? Did you know that it’s the most valued social media network among professionals?

According to Digital Marketing Research, LinkedIn has more than 350 million users with two new members joining every single second of the day.

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8 Reasons Why I Love Pinterest

8 Reasons Why I Love Pinterest by Frances CaballoWhen I first started using Pinterest in 2011, I fell in love with the beautiful sunsets and nature shots.

I didn’t, however, immediately see it’s use in my social media strategy.

Silly me.

So I created a Phenomenal Photos pinboard and later a popular “Moonscapes” pinboard that Pinterest began introducing to new users.

The Power Behind the Pinboards

As I read more about this site, I gradually appreciated the power behind images.

That’s when I quickly established the following pinboards:

  • Author quotes
  • Bookshelves
  • Bookshops
  • “Lovely Libraries”
  • A “Reading is Awesome” board
  • Colleague’s book covers
  • Fun writing memes
  • A writer’s life board

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Interview with Book Marketing Expert Penny Sansevieri, Part 2

Interview with Book Marketing Expert Penny Sansevieri, Part 2 by Frances CaballoI hope you enjoy Part Two of my interview with the wonderful and talented book marketing expert and author, Penny Sansevieri.

As I mentioned last week, I first met Penny when she spoke at the Bay Area Independent Book Publishers Association several years ago. We reconnected last fall when we were both speakers at the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Conference. I attended her session and was again amazed at her depth of knowledge, especially about Amazon.

Now, here’s Penny in her own words.

Explain what a publicist does? Do you think every author needs to hire a publicist?

I think that every author should, at the very least, spend some time consulting a professional or someone they trust to give them solid feedback on the marketability of their book, quality of their cover, etc.

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