Social Media Audit

Let Me Analyze Your Social Media

Social Media Audit

Are you in a rut with your social media?

Are you wondering:

  • Why your website doesn’t draw more readers?
  • How you can attract subscribers to your email list?
  • Why your readers aren’t engaging with you on social media?
  • Whether you’ve correctly set up your social media accounts?

I can help you. 

How, you ask?

I can take a more in-depth look at your social media and your email opt-in.

Alexis GeorgeWorking with Frances has been one of the best decisions I have made in my writing career. With her thorough critique and expert advice, I am now focused and equipped with the tools necessary to maximize my online presence. – Alexis George, Author

I will examine your social media profiles and pages closely and write an individualized assessment and next steps for you to take.

Your audit will include a complete review of:

  • Your Facebook page posts and About Section
  • Keyword placement on your LinkedIn profile and a general review
  • Analysis of our tweets and tips to improve engagement
  • Suggestions on how you can get more out of Google+
  • A review of your Pinterest account with suggestions for new boards
  • Review your website and blog with ideas for improving them
  • And if you like, I’ll even look over your Goodreads account


This is what Book Writing & Publishing Coach Lisa Tener 
said after I completed her social media analysis:

Lisa TenerFrances Caballo’s social media analysis was thorough, comprehensive, yet not overwhelming. She provided many things I could easily implement immediately. I took about a couple of hours to implement small changes on most of my social media platforms that actively improved my social media presence and effectiveness in using social media tools. I look forward to implementing her entire list of suggestions as I know they will help my business tremendously.

I’ve been creating social media audits for years and each year they keep getting better. I look for keywords, at banner and header images, and will also analyze your bios for keywords.

Did you know that on LinkedIn your summary must contain keywords? So does your headline and from what I’ve seen, writers don’t really know what to say in those two key areas.

As a former Washington Post reporter, author and ghost writer, James Carberry had a successful business when he contacted me. But he wanted to do more with his social media. His response was concise.

James Carberry Wow! This is like $1000 worth of advice. Thank you.


Gordon Burgett is a successful publisher of nonprofit books. He reviews manuscripts, writes speeches, and helps authors build empires. This was his reaction when he received my analysis of his social media use.

Gordon Burgett
You did a great job, Frances, of checking my social media contacts. Now I know how to increase my effectiveness.


Did I say that these audits take me hours to do? I’m meticulous, and I go beyond what other people do. For Jim Carberry and Gordon Burgett I even created sample Twitter headers they could keep. Wow! Right?



sherrey meyerWhen author Sherrey Myer signed up for my social media audit, she wasn’t sure what she could expect. After reading the 10-page analysis, she started making huge changes everywhere.

After reading Frances’s report, I looked at the overriding comments about my site header, which I use (or try to use) on all social media accounts and my newsletter mailings. Following a study of what was going on there (or not), I changed to a new banner. It lends a brighter environment and gives more clarity to what I’m doing on my site.

She also learned that she needed to change the language on her free eBook call to action, made other changes on her website, and changed what and how she was posting updates on social media. The improved results in engagement and shares was immediate.

In a blog post, she told people,

When you allow someone with expertise to step in and help you, it all begins to fall into place.

Bill Percy is a psychologist and uses his experience when he creates characters for his books. He has an exceptional blog but it wasn’t hosted on his website and it wasn’t getting much traffic. He’s making a lot of changes now that he has my audit in his hands.

When I sent him a detailed analysis, this was his response:

Bill Percy, AuthorI subscribed to Frances Caballo’s offer of an audit of my social media, hoping to receive good value but, frankly, not expecting too much. In the past, I’ve spent plenty for consultations and coaching about such things for writers, and have not been awed at either the quality or the thoroughness. But Frances’s audit blew my mind. She carefully and thoroughly reviewed my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, my blog, and my website. For all of them, she gave me extensive reviews, advice, tips, and recommendations. The elements that are good she identified fully; those that need improvement, she thoughtfully analyzed and followed up with suggestions, even with pointers toward other resources that will help. All in all, I found her audit and her work product to be well worth the cost and more.

Peter DeHaan is a business owner and author. He was wondering how he could improve his social media presence. I gave his accounts a fresh look and new perspective.


peter_dehaan_400x400Frances Caballo is the go-to expert about social media for authors. Her evaluation of my online efforts was through and insightful. She affirmed what I was doing right, showed me how I could to other things better, and offered gentle correction on what I was doing wrong. I give her five stars and my highest recommendation.

Are you ready for a fresh perspective on your social media and website?


Kathy PoolerI have been active on social media since 2009 but was feeling like I needed some help maximizing its effectiveness. I want to learn to work smarter not harder. Frances Caballo’s Social Media Analysis provided me with an in-depth analysis of Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook Author Page and led to practical strategies specific to my needs. France provides an excellent service tailored to individual needs. I highly recommend her as a social media consultant.  Kathy Pooler, Author