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Social Media for Authors Podcast: Episode 18  Twitter tips you'll loveYou’re reading the text version of the Social Media for Authors Podcast, Episode 18, written and copyrighted by Frances Caballo.

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It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Twitter, hasn’t it? Well, since twitter is my favorite social media network and since the survey you filled out said you were highly interested in learning more about Twitter, I’m sharing some awesome Twitter tips today.

As usual, this week’s episode includes summaries of four blog posts with awesome suggestions and, of course, I have your tip of the week.

Let’s start with your weekly tip.

Today were going to talk about Twubs. That’s right, Twubs. It seems that all the Twitter apps have these cute names like Twuffer, Pluggio, and Twitterific.

Once you can get past the name, you’re going to like this application.

Twubs has been around for quite some time but now it has some cool features.

I first discovered this application when I joined a Twitter chat a couple of years ago. Twubs makes joining Twitter chats super easy because once you join, you don’t have to enter the hashtag a second time. It will automatically embed it for you as you join the conversation.

You can also use this application to register your very own hashtag. Once you register a hashtag, you can have your branded hashtag page. Then you can use this page as a landing page, to block spam, and to moderate a live twitter chat.

You can open an account with Twubs for free and still have custom layouts, photo walls, and more. Once you start using it, you will see how easy and fun it is to use.

Now, why would you want to join Twitter chats? To learn and share your expertise. You may also want to think about hosting one. Can you think of a better way for your readers to communicate with you in real time?

If you try out this app, he sure to let me know your experience is.

Now for the second segment of the show … Twitter Tips You’ll Love

First up is a cool post titled 12 Twitter Marketing Secrets For Ambitious Social Media Marketers from the people at SocialBro.

SocialBro is an application that determines the best times of the day for you to send your tweets. And what’s great about this application is that it works seamlessly with Buffer, a scheduling application.

But enough about the applications; let’s get to the Twitter tips.

One of the recommendations they stress is to share your content more than once.

If you schedule a tweet about your new blog post just once, it’s doubtful that many of your followers will see it. You need to schedule your tweets at a recurring pace, ideally at different times of the day on different days. You can achieve this with at least two applications, SocialOomph, and SocialReport.

The folks at SocialBro noted this research from Wisemetrics in their post:

“On average, your second post of a piece of content will receive 86% as much engagement as the first time you Tweeted it.”

Another tip they suggest is to add your commentary to shared content. If you are reweeting someone else, you can flag an important point you liked in the post or briefly explain why you liked it.

They also suggest importing your email leads into your Twitter lists. I have to admit I didn’t know you could do this but by using email integration you can match email addresses from your lists to corresponding Twitter accounts.

The next post, Five Things I Learned About Writing Headlines from Twitter is from Social Media Today.

Here are this blogger’s top tips for headline writing on Twitter:

  1. Keep it short and factual. Headlines should range from 60 to 80 characters, but the shorter, the better.
  2. Make sure your headline captivates your audience.
  3. Nothing attracts a crowd better than lists, and numbers so try to include numbers in your headline as often as possible.
  4. Never make a sales pitch in your headline.
  5. Avoid jargon in your headlines and in everything you write.

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Next up is a post titled 7 Tips for Consistent Branding on Twitter by SocialTimes.

This is a short post that gets right to the point. Here are the seven tips:

  1. Don’t change your username. When you first select one spend some time choosing it carefully and then stick to it.
  2. Have a content strategy. That’s right, strategize the type of content you will be tweeting and make sure each piece of content builds your brand.
  3. Be careful what you retweet and favorite. Other users on Twitter can see them so make sure that they represent your brand.
  4. This blogger says that mentions are just like retweets so make sure your mentions are consistent with your content strategy.
  5. Create lists of experts within your niche.
  6. Tweet on a regular basis. Don’t abandon your Twitter account.
  7. Connect your Twitter account to all of your other marketing.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Tweet on a regular basis. Don’t abandon your Twitter account.” quote=”Tweet on a regular basis. Don’t abandon your Twitter account.”]

Next is important news for everyone who uses Twitter. Lately, I’ve been noticing that my tweets are showing up in my Google Alert notices as well as an application I use to track mentions of my name across the web.

Last week the New York Times reported that Twitter and Google have:

“a new partnership clearing the way for tweets on the microblogging service to be easier to find on the world’s most popular search engine.”

This deal between the most popular search engine on the Internet and Twitter gives Google direct access to hundreds of millions of tweets sent every day.

This news points to the ever-increasing need for authors to be active on Twitter.

In case you missed it, I wrote a post outlining the top 10 Twitter tips that writers need to know.

I include the most retweeted words and tips that authors will want to follow.

Now let’s talk about something fun!

I found a post titled 7 Ways To Gain Back Time In Your Life from the Thought Catalog blog.

This post has some awesome tips on how to find more time in your day and get more done without exhausting yourself. The tips will come down to get plenty of sleep and take time to evaluate how you are spending your time.

Are you spending too much time on administrative tasks? Or are you devoting sufficient time to your creative and most important work?

Be sure to check out the entire post.

Social Media Time Suck Final 200

If you just happen to be looking for more time to write so you can spend less time on your marketing, check out my book, Avoid Social Media Time Suck. You will find some awesome tips in this book, which you can pick up for $2.99 on Amazon.

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