Social Media for Authors Podcast Returns in January

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Social Media Tips for Indie Authors by Frances Caballo

Hey, I intended to restart my podcast in October. I really did.

But as John Lennon said, “If you want to make God laugh, show him your plans.”

Maybe John was quoting someone else but that’s how I remember the quote.

The podcast is being delayed further.

After a brief respite, the podcast will restart January 15, 2016. I’ll include episodes on productivity for authors, whether it’s in your author business, your writing or your social media marketing.

There will be lots of good stuff to share with you. Ideas are buzzing in my head already.

So please come back next year.

And I apologize for the delay.

About the Author: I’m Frances Caballo, an author, podcaster and social media strategist and manager for writers. I’m a regular speaker at the San Francisco Writers Conference and have written four books including, Twitter Just for Writers, which is available for free here on my website. My focus is on helping authors surmount the barriers that keep them from flourishing online, building their platform, finding new readers, and selling more books. My clients include authors of every genre and writer conferences. You’ll find me every day on Twitter.


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