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Episode 14 - Social Media Sweet SpotTo read previous episode show notes, refer to my Friday blog posts.

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 Episode 14 Show Notes

This week’s segment includes summaries of four blog posts with awesome social media tips, and of course, I have your tip of the week.

Let’s start with your weekly tip.

You spend so much time learning about social media and keeping up with it that you’d like to see great results, right?

It’s only natural that we want to see our tweets retweeted, our Facebook updates shared and liked, and our images shared.

For me, it’s a sad day when after carefully planning my social media posts they trigger little engagement.

Today I’m going to suggest just three tips that have helped me and I think
will help you too.

Tip Number 1:

If you want to receive retweets – and I know I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating – [clickToTweet tweet=”Tweet images at least once daily” quote=”Tweet images at least once daily”]. People love them, and you’ll see your retweets soar.

For example, you can create text overlays from quotes in your books, quotes from favorite authors, and quotes about books and reading that book lovers will adore.

Now, you can create these text overlays by using CANVA or PicMonkey and then sharing them on Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram and other networks you use.

Tip Number 2:

[clickToTweet tweet=”Invite conversation by asking questions” quote=”Invite conversation by asking questions”]. Questions work especially well on Facebook and Google+. Find out what your readers are thinking, doing, and planning. People love to talk about themselves.

Tip Number 3:

[clickToTweet tweet=”Focus on developing relationships” quote=”Focus on developing relationships”]. Instead of chasing after higher numbers of page Likes or Twitter followers, get to know the readers who already follow you. Retweet their content. Send them a Friend request and share their posts. Developing relationships is key to improving the performance of your social media posts.

Now for the second segment of the show …

First up is a post by HootSuite titled 6 Social Media Templates to Save You Hours of Work.

I love templates. Often they will save you time and money, a great combination. And HootSuite has six awesome templates you can have for free.

First up is their Social Media Strategy Template designed to lead you from where you are in your marketing to where you want to be. It will help you clarify your social media goals and develop your content strategy.

HootSuite also created an Editorial Calendar Template. This one will help you organize content by forcing you to outline your blog post titles, topics, deadlines and publishing channels.

HootSuite also has a free Social Media Content Calendar. This one helps you organize your planned posts according to your social media networks, time of the day, content, and links you want to share. There’s also a column to track click through rates.

There are three other templates in this post so be sure to check it out.

This next blog post is awesome! It’s by the folks at Buffer, and it’s titled 10 Things We’ve Learned About Social Media in 2014.

What I love about this blog in general is how much they share their research. And in this post they shared their ten best lessons from 2014.

First, they share points about Facebook’s algorithm. If you want to succeed on Facebook, you should pay attention to this list. Here are just a few items to keep in mind:

  • Posts with lots of comments and likes do well on Facebook. So you need to determine the type of content your readership prefers. Facebook’s algorithm will reward you.
  • Posts from Facebook pages that have complete profiles. If you haven’t filled out your About section on Facebook, now’s the time to do that.
  • Does your fan base overlap with, say, some of Isabel Allende’s fans? Facebook’s algorithm will take notice.
  • Links that lead to new content. Yep, Facebook rewards originality.

Now here’s a tip I love. Buffer determined the best photo size that works on both Facebook and Twitter and here it is: 1,024 pixels wide by 512 pixels tall. This will save you time!

The Buffer post also has suggestions on how to determine the best time to post and the ideal length of social media posts so be sure to check out the entire article.

Next is a fun post by Marketing Profs titled 10 Effective Social Media Posts in 10 Minutes or Less. ‪

Sometimes we’re running just to keep up with our schedules yet you still have to come up with something to say – but quickly, right? I’ve been there!

This post has some fun ideas on how to quickly come up with something to say to your followers. Here are some of their tips

  • Take a few minutes to brainstorm ideas for questions, then add the ones you don’t use to your editorial calendar.
  • Share with your readers your hectic schedule and ask them for tips on how they set priorities.
  • Share information about a local nonprofit’s fundraiser.
  • Share an inspirational quote you love.
  • Wish them a Happy Pop Music Chart Day or National Spaghetti Day! Check Google for a list of national holidays because every day is a holiday, or so I heard.

Finally, I wrote a post called Clean Up Your Social Media. I have suggestions on how to create hacker-proof passwords and generally spruce up your profiles. Be sure to check it out.

If you’d like to learn even more about how to become more efficient at handling your social media marketing so that you’ll have more time to write, check out my book: Avoid Social Media Time Suck. The eBook is just $2.99 on Amazon. You can also learn more about it at: 


Frances Caballo- Author of Avoid Social Media Time SuckThanks for listening (and reading) to the Social Media for Authors Podcast. Be sure to check my blog at for in-depth articles every Monday. I’ll be back next week with more tips you can put to use. Until then, don’t forget to navigate to iTunes to rate this show and if you’re on Twitter, follow me at @CaballoFrances. Have a great week!

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