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Did you just write a book?

Are you concerned that marketing your book will interfere with the writing you need to do for your next book — and the one after that?

Are you wondering how social media will help you to find new readers?

Are you trying to determine whether you should be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Pinterest – or any combination of them?

I hear these concerns all the time and I can reassure you that you can learn how to become your own social media marketing expert and still find time to write.


Cooler than Blood CoverAs an author, I’m only as good as those I surround myself with, and I was fortunate to find Frances Caballo. Her expertise has allowed me to outsource my social media marketing in a manner that I could never accomplish on my own.  I no longer need to keep up on ‘what every author needs to do’ and other panic headlines that used to devour my time. Her services permit me to work hard  on my writing with the comforting knowledge that equal dedication and professionalism is being applied to my social marketing.  Robert Lane, Author

Maybe you need some one-on-one mentoring to get you started. Or, maybe you need me to set up your accounts and manage them for a month or two.
Or maybe you’ve been handling your social media and you want someone to review the work you’ve done and make suggestions on how to improve your efforts.

Then again, you might be like many of my clients and need me to manage your social media on an ongoing basis so that you will have more free time to do what you love, write.

Whether you are self-published or you have a publisher, increasingly authors need a marketing platform that will help them to reach a growing body of readers across the nation and around the globe.

Social media is an effective marketing tool that enables writers to increase the number of their contacts, deepen relationships with their readers, build trust, and find new markets of readers so that writers can receive the recognition they deserve.

If you want to find your audience, connect with more readers and sell more books, social media can provide you with the communications tools you need.

One of the advantages of working with me is that I’m also an author – I know, first hand, how important it is to find the balance between focusing on your writing and also developing your author platform to attract readers, publishers and opportunities for speaking, coaching and others services you offer.

Social Media Success

While You Write – I Build Your Author Platform & Audience

How I Can Help You …

Social Media Training & Time Management Consulting

If you are you still trying to understand Twitter, want to beef up your LinkedIn profile or learn more about Facebook or Pinterest, you can buy one hour of my time and I’ll share my insights and best practices with you.


u1IJ7THU_400x400Before I worked with Frances, I approached social media as an intimidating mystery. Is it a twit or a tweet? What makes a good Facebook post? How might I use social media to reach potential readers of my planned book? With deft skill, Frances explained the mechanics of posting and adding images while ever reminding me that 80% of my comments should concern others rather than my latest video or blog. … Frances’ guidance replaced intimidation with imagination, and led me to discover new ways of learning and growing! Patrick Vaughn, Author


Let Me Analyze Your Social Media

I can take a more in-depth look at your social media. For $297, I will examine your social media profiles and pages closely and write an assessment and next steps for you to take.

Your audit will include a complete review of:

  • Your Facebook page posts and About Section
  • Keyword placement on your LinkedIn profile and a general review
  • Analysis of our tweets and tips to improve engagement
  • Suggestions on how you can get more out of Google+
  • A review of your Pinterest account with suggestions for new boards

For an additional $100, I will also:

  • Review your website and blog with ideas for improving them

Here is what author Alexis George said about the social media analysis and report I did for her:



Alexis GeorgeWorking with Frances has been one of the best decisions I have made in my writing career. With her thorough critique and expert advice, I am now focused and equipped with the tools necessary to maximize my online presence.



James CarberryJames Carberry (former Wall Street Journal reporter and owner of a firm that provides writing services to businesses) was impressed when he received his analysis: Wow! This is like $1000 worth of advice. Thank you.



Hire Me to Handle Your Social Media for You

After a free consultation, you may decide that you need me to handle your social media for you. We can start with a three-month trial.
While you’re writing, I can …

  •  Create and customize social media networks to match your branding.
  •  Optimize your accounts with keywords.
  •  Find followers & connections.
  •  Create a strategy to promote your books throughout the social web.
  •  Manage your social media channels for you.

Why wait any longer?

Contact me using the form below and I can help you review the options and decide which service best suits your needs.

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William H ColesFrances Caballo knows social media in all its forms and provides effective individualized strategies and success-oriented advice to writers with efficiency mixed with creativity, humor, and caring. Her flexibility in a rapidly changing industry adds to the value of specialized work well done with a smile, and always on time. William H. Coles, Author