Revisions, Goodreads, and Book Marketing for Writers

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fall 2

Here in Northern California, the week started with overcast skies before returning to warm sunny days again. But this warm streak won’t last long. When the weather can be so unpredictable, it’s nice to know that the blogosphere continues to turn out information-packed posts for Indie authors. Here are some of the past week’s best blog posts. I hope you enjoy them.

20 Great Writers on the Art of Revision by Emily Temple: It’s a new year, and hopeful souls around the world are working diligently on their plans to revise — their health, their attitudes, their lives. But who knows more about the art of revision than great writers? Sure, they mostly know about rewriting their own work, and they may not always have applied the principles to their daily habits, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try. After the jump, 20 famous writers share their thoughts on revision, the consensus being: it’s pretty important. Get inspired after the jump, and tell us your own revision mantra in the comments.

Finding a replacement for Goodreads by Jane • Publishing News: After Goodreads deleted content – both reviews and shelves – of readers as well as indicated that they would continue to do so in the future (only this time they’ll provide notice), many readers feel like Goodreads is not a safe place for them. Ironically, many many authors hate Goodreads feeling that the place is unsafe for them as well. Undoubtedly sites like Stop the Goodreads Bullies which has defamed and doxxed reviewers allowing them to be called at their place of business and at home bu approvingly cited by so many purported reputable journalism sources, ratchet up the tension making both sides targets. Nonetheless, the question is where can readers go to discuss books they don’t like as well as the ones they do without interference from authors complaining about mistreatment?

34 Strategic Ways You Can Use Pinterest to Market Your Book and Your Author Brand Kimberley Grabas: Pinterest is exploding! And with it, so too are the opportunities for authors to expand their reach and increase their book promotion and brand awareness. Now the third largest social network, Pinterest acts as a virtual pin board that helps you organize and share things you find on the web. As you surf, you can pin images from other sites onto Pinterest where others can re-pin those same images.

45 Social Media Tools and Tips to Improve Your Marketing by Ian Cleary: Are you looking for some practical tips and tools to help with your social media marketing? Do you find it difficult to keep up with how quickly social media is evolving? In this article, I outline a collection of technology tools and tips you’ll want to consider using to improve your presence across social media.


socialmediaforwritersAbout the Author: Frances Caballo is a social media strategist, trainer, and author of Social Media Just for Writers: The Best Online Marketing Tips for Selling Your Books and Blogging Just for Writers. Presently, she is the Social Media Manager for the Women’s National Book Association-SF Chapter, the San Francisco Writers Conference, and the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association. You can find her on FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterest, and Google+. 



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  2. You are most welcome, Kimberley. It was a wonderful post that you wrote!

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