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1-23-14 Podcast Subscribe & ReviewThe Social Media for Authors Podcast is live on iTunes. WooHoo!

The first ten people to review my podcast by January 27th will receive one of two free eBooks: Social Media Just for Writers or Blogging Just for Writers.

Your choice!

So head over to iTunes, subscribe there, write a review, and send me a screenshot of the review.

History of the Social Media for Authors Podcast

In August I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia for a podcasting workshop with +Ellen Britt and +Denise Wakeman.

I returned to Calfornia and began my journey with podcasting with continued guidance from +Denise Wakeman.

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There were a number of obstacles: finding the right equipment, learning Audacity, and getting the show art to pass iTunes’ test.

There was another obstacle, too, that I discuss in my initial podcast: As a child I had a horrific stuttering problem.

I never would have imagined then that I would be publishing my voice one day since my inability to speak clearly was a source of so much shame in my life.

But I’m doing it and I thank all of you who have been sharing the news about my podcast and encouraging me along the way.

Now let’s get on with the Friday Roundup!

Blogging Tips for Authors

6 Free Tools to Help Keyword Research by Content Marketing Institute: Keyword research historically has been the initial content planning task: We would identify which keywords we wanted to rank and what kind of organic search competition we faced.

10 Surefire Ways You Can Blog Like A Professional Writer by Adam Connell: Do you want to publish several great posts a week? Does it take you hours to write just one blog post? Are you looking for a way to finish your posts faster? If you’re starting off as a blogger, it’s frustrating to spend hours on a single blog post when you see others writing more in less time. Fear not.

What to do When Someone Steals Your Stuff by Penny Sansevieri: This is a wonderful post by Penny Sansevieri on what to do if someone steals your writing.

Social Media for Authors Podcast

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Practical Tips for Marketing Your Books on the Social Web

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