Indie Author Weekly Update – September 15, 2017

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This week’s Indie Author Weekly Update contains six posts that should kick your book marketing up a few notches. Notable posts are from Dave Chesson, Writer Unboxed, and Jane Friedman.

Well we are seeing summer come to a close. I feel for the people in the wake of hurricane Harvey and Irma. Locally, it can be sunny and hot one day and the next we have lightning, thunder, and rain. Summer is definitely ending on a tumultuous note.

Indie Author Update

Book Advertising – Free Amazon Marketing Services Course by Dave Chesson: “As many of you have heard, advertising your book on Amazon Marketing Services or AMS has become one the best ways for authors to get their book discovered and even thrive in a crowded Amazon market. Through AMS, you can now choose when and where you want your book to show up on Amazon – anywhere in search results or even next to another book on their own sales page.”

What’s More Important: Author Websites or Social Media? by Jane Friedman: “In 2013, I observed a conversation on Twitter where a publisher said they didn’t believe in author websites “for a lot of authors”—that social was a better place for authors to spend time from a marketing perspective. It bothered me, and I ended up writing a blog post about it, exploring why a publisher might think this—rightly or wrongly.”

Podcasts: Will They Help You Sell Books? by Anne R. Allen: “In this post, Allison gives us the ins and outs, and pros and cons of starting your own podcast, as well as tips for securing interviews on other people’s podcasts.”

WordPress for Writers: 10 Most Useful Plugins For Your Author Website from Joanna Penn: “I’ve been using WordPress since 2008, and it’s one of those tools that enables writers to make a living, reach more readers and make a living online. But although the framework can be set up easily and quickly, there are plugins (like little apps) that can make your author website work more efficiently and with more functionality.”

What bestselling authors can teach you about marketing self-published books  from Belinda Griffin: “Do you struggle to know where to begin with book marketing? Do you scour books and blogs in search of a step-by-step plan for marketing self-published books, only to find a never ending list of tricks to try and tactics to tackle? Knowing where to begin and what to focus on can be a challenge.”

Indie authors: Your Pub Date is Not As Important as You Think from Writer Unboxed:  “The pub date: THE big day of an author’s life, right? All of the toiling, editing, revising and decision-making comes down to a fateful 24 hours — a speck on the calendar, but a very important speck. Or so they say. But that’s not necessarily the case, at least, not for us indie authors.”

Resource Watch

A great resource I found in Jane Friedman’s newsletter, Electric Speed: Best Book Review Blogs of 2017, a searchable database 

Of Note

2017 Man Book Prize Fiction Shortlist from Publishing Perspectives

Quote of the Week

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