Indie Author Weekly Update – September 1, 2017

Indie Author Weekly Update

In this week’s Indie Author Weekly Update, posts range from Mark Coker’s views on cultivating superfans to Hugh Howey’s insightful Part IV of his series on writing and publishing. I hope you enjoy them all.

Where I live, September is starting with a heat wave. Wish me luck as I strive to stay cool and say a prayer — or send good thoughts — to all the people in Texas who are suffering due to Hurricane Harvey.

Indie Author Updates

How Indie Authors Can Cultivate Superfans from Publishers Weekly and by Mark Coker: “Most book marketing advice focuses on how to get readers to buy your books, yet ignores how to care for your readers once you’ve got them. With subtle tweaks to your publishing process, you have the opportunity to cultivate more passionate readers. I call these passionate readers superfans.”

How Indie Authors Can Get Podcast Interviews to Market their Self-published Books from the Alliance of Independent Authors: “Almost every author I know hates marketing .  We’d love just to write, and have people magically find and buy our books.  But it just doesn’t work that way.  If we want to sell books, we need to do some marketing.”

Podcast Episode 59 – 10 Tips to Sell More Books on Facebook by Chris Syme: “We review the “Golden Rule of Selling On Social Media” and why you can’t overlook it. Why Facebook is the best social media channel for selling your books. Learn the time commitment for getting maximum engagement on the three top social media channels.”

Writing Insights Part Four: Publishing Your Book by Hugh Howey: “Before I begin, it bears mentioning that I’ve written more on this topic than any other. My blog is one long history of writing about publishing, and the talks I give are usually about publishing. Attempting to consolidate my thoughts into ten mere insights has been a task of omission.”

The Surprising Truth About Pinterest Hashtags 2017 by Louise Myers: “Should you use Pinterest hashtags? That’s the question. For years, Pinterest has been telling us not to use them – unless it’s one, branded hashtag. For the past month, though, there’s been some weird goings-on where hashtags in Pin descriptions become clickable on desktop – then not. Hashtag buttons appear on mobile – sometimes. Now it’s official.”

Book Promotion: Do This, Not That – August 2017 by Amy Collins from “I was speaking with Spencer Michaels, author of the popular Twin Flames Trilogy. His latest book, IF, has just been released and he has been promoting it to libraries and stores all over Virginia and North Carolina as well as nationally.”

Quote of the Week

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

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