Indie Author Weekly Update – October 5, 2018

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Indie Author Weekly Update

Today’s Indie Author Weekly Update focuses on book marketing. Be sure to read the Forbes article and Debbie Emmitt’s post on SEO for writers.

Well, the weather has definitely changed here in Northern California where I live. The temperature has dropped and rain has visited us several times. But I love autumn so for me these are all welcome changes.

Speaking of changes, if your book marketing strategies aren’t working, I hope you’ll read all the posts below. They are terrific and will help you implement the adjustments that you need to bring your more sales as an indie author.

$400M Fiction Giant Wattpad Wants To Be Your Literary Agent by Hayley Cuccinello of Forbes: “It took a less than an hour in 2013 for Anna Todd to change her life. The Army wife and part-time babysitter had spent a lot of time reading fan fiction, stories by amateur writers about existing fictional universes and real-life celebrities. So her erotic tale about Tessa and Hardin—a wholesome college freshman and a tattooed bad boy who is a thinly veiled stand-in for singer Harry Styles—came together quickly when she sat down to type the first chapter of After on her phone. Todd posted it to Wattpad, one of the world’s largest destinations for online reading and writing.”

How To Find and Fix Your Book Sales Problem With Dave Chesson and from Joanna Penn: “Dave writes books under multiple pen names and is best known in the Indie author community for creating KDP Rocket and also for his useful blog and podcast at And today we’re actually going to talk about a number of things that I’m quite excited about, search engine optimization, and also how to find and fix your book sales problems. So a really exciting show today.”

The Four Bios Every Author Needs by Nate Hoffelder: “If you Google author bios you will find a million different articles, each with their own recommendation. Be short and too the point. Use the third person. Simply say who you are, and give your publishing credit. Be formulaic. A lot of this advice is good, but I also think it is incomplete.”

How to Sign Up for eBook Gift Cards Through Dropcards from Indies Unlimited: “Recently I heard about this new (to me) thing: putting eBooks on a gift card to give away or sell at events. I have often thought that having eBooks to sell for a lower price than paperbacks would be a nice alternative for potential readers who balk at a typical paperback price. Coughing up $2 or $4 is infinitely more appealing to some folks than coughing up $10 or $12. It sounded like a pretty cool idea, so I did a little digging.”

20 Podcasts for Authors on Writing, Publishing, and Book Marketing from BookBub Partners: “Wish you could get a free education in writing and publishing? Publishing-related podcasts can provide just that, and the number available has exploded within the past couple of years. Many aim to provide writers with craft tips, career inspiration, productivity hacks, book marketing advice, the latest publishing news, or inside scoops from industry pros.”

Improve Your Author Website With Search Engine Optimization with Debbie Emmitt and from Joanna Penn: “In the last 10 years, I’ve used the principles of content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) to build my multi-six-figure creative business off the back of this website. In today’s article, Debbie Emmitt delves into some tips for how you can use SEO on your author website.”

Quote of the Week

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” —Albert Camus-


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