Indie Author Weekly Update – May 31, 2019

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Indie Author Weekly Update

I think you’re really going to enjoy this installment of the Indie Author Weekly Update. I liked Beth Barany’s post for NaNoProNo as well as two of the posts on Jane Friedman’s blog. Heck, they’re all great. Go to all of these sites and  learn how to sell more copies of your books.


How to Create a Book Marketing Roadmap by Guest Beth Barany: “We writers want to be read. Otherwise, why would we publish our work? Well, it is so gratifying to hold the book and see it on the shelf. But it’s the readers’ joy in reading is what it’s all about. Otherwise, why publish?”

Book Covers

Top 5 Free Book Cover Makers–Don’t Break the Bank, Create Your Own! from Kindlepreneur: “Your cover is arguably one of the most important selling points of your book. As authors, however, we often face tight budgets. Deciding where to spend our money and where to tighten the belt isn’t easy. Covers are one of the more expensive aspects of production. Pre-made covers often start at $100, and custom, full-spread artwork alone can cost up to $4000 a book depending on the artist.”

KDP Reports

KDP Reports Beta – Now With Income Estimation by David Gaughran: “Amazon has implemented some long requested new features to the KDP Reports Beta, including *drumroll* INCOME IN DOLLARS. At last! It doesn’t have all the slicing and dicing capabilities of BookReport just yet, but it makes it a lot easier to press cancel on that $19 a month subscription, which I imagine I’ll be doing before I have to re-up in a couple of weeks. I was a huge fan of BookReport and recommended it to everyone, being particularly fond of their approach of not charging authors until they were making $1,000 a month, which I thought was both fair and smart business.”

Book Marketing

Pinterest and Instagram For Writers with Frances Caballo and from Joanna Penn:  “You can listen above or on iTunes or your favorite podcast app or watch the video here, read the notes and links below. Here are the highlights and full transcript below.”

Identifying the Best Self-Published Books by State: The Indie Author Project from Jane Friedman’s blog and by Ryan Walker: “Longtime authors in the self-publishing community may recall the library program known as SELF-e, launched in 2015. It’s a partnership between Library Journal and BiblioBoard to make self-published ebooks available to libraries nationwide. Any author can submit their work for inclusion in SELF-e (at no cost); Library Journal curates what ebooks go into the national SELF-e collection. Books not selected are still accessible to local library patrons through state collections.”

9 Ways (and 2 Rewards) of Marketing Your Own Book by Beth Alvarado and from Jane Friedman’s blog: “When I found a good home for my essay collection Anxious Attachments, I knew I would have to take an active role in marketing. After all, while Autumn House Press is a fine press, it’s also small and independent, with no marketing department and limited funds. I published both of my earlier books, Not a Matter of Love and Anthropologies, through university presses—also wonderful, prestigious presses that don’t have marketing departments.”

Quote of the Week

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