Indie Author Weekly Update – May 3, 2019

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Indie Author Weekly Update - May 3, 2019

Here’s another edition of the Indie Author Weekly Update. Think social media has gone to the dogs? Well, not yet. Take a look at this week’s posts and you’ll find new ways to market your books.

Indie Author Weekly UpdateBy the way, my dog Paisley (pictured to the right) now has her own Instagram account. I’d love it if you’d follow her on her very own Instagram account. You can also follow me here. See you on the ‘Gram!

Book Marketing Tips

Let’s Get Meta by David Gaughran: “When should you cut names from your mailing list? Why should you do it at all? How to you actually go through the process of doing it? Are there any risks involved? We’ll cover all that today using this list as an example. Told you it was meta!”

5 Marketing Tips from Amazon that Deliver [Infographic] by Meg Carpenter: “Looking for marketing inspiration? Look no further – the team from Talkwalker have pulled out 5 marketing tactics from one of the top 10 most valuable brands in the world: Amazon.”

Book Promotion: Do This, Not That – May 2019 by Amy Collins: “When a store turns us away when we offer them a book for sale, that is not usually a solid “no.” It is an answer to our first question. Perhaps we are not asking the right question. We were asking them to give us money in exchange for our books before we have proven that our books will make them money in return.”

News from Books2Digital

Introducing Reading Lists from Books2Read! by Kevin Tumlinson: “When we created Universal Book Links, we change the game — giving authors a tool that lets them send readers to everywhere a book is sold online …”

Author Websites

Step By Step Tutorial: How To Build Your Own Author Website In 30 Minutes  by Joanna Penn: “I currently write under three different author names, including one new pseudonym that I demonstrate in these tutorials. I’ve built a multi-six-figure business off the back of my author websites, so I know how important your site and email list are. Whether you’re just starting out with your first book, or you want to improve your existing author platform, this tutorial should help you along the way.”


Twitter for Authors: How to Connect with Readers and Writers from BookBub Partners and by Julia Hansen: “Social media sites like Twitter are great for helping writers build and interact with a loyal, enthusiastic following. When used effectively, these platforms can help you expand your reach and boost engagement. Before jumping into the fray, it’s important to know how to effectively use Twitter to promote your books, connect with readers, and build a community (hint: it’s not all about marketing). So here are some of our top tips for making the most of Twitter!”

Of Note

36 Writing Contests in May 2019 – No entry fees

Quote of the Week

Writing is like painting with words, the paper is the canvas, the pen is the brush


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Ryshia Kennie 

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