Indie Author Weekly Update – May 11, 2018

Indie Author Weekly Update

Welcome to this week’s Indie Author Update. There are some wonderful posts here, including the post by Reedsy on publicity mistakes and Craig Tuch’s post on beta readers and ARCs. Don’t miss them!

Indie Author Update

Using Amazon Categories to Sell More Books by Penny Sansevieri: ” By now most authors know the importance of choosing great keywords on Amazon, but Amazon’s categories are equally important. Choosing the right categories can boost your exposure. And exposure drives book sales.”

Beta Readers vs Editors vs ARCs from and by Craig Tuch: “For most of the writing process, telling your story was likely a very solitary process – leaving you alone with your characters and world for long stretches as you worked to get everything just right. And now, with the last paragraph written, it’s finally time to let other people read it.”

Publicity Mistakes that Ruin Book Launches from Reedsy: ” If you’re an author you know writing the book is only part of your job these days. Promotion is a huge chunk of what you have to do. Here’s some excellent tips from people in the know.”

2018 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Mike Stelzner: ” Do you wonder how fellow marketers are using social media? Wondering if you should focus more on ads or bots? In our tenth-annual social media study, more than 5,700 marketers reveal where they’ll focus their social media efforts. This industry report also shows you how marketers’ organic activities have changed and what their future plans are with organic and paid social media.

How To Become A Bestselling Author Using LinkedIn by Tony J. Hughes: “The number one obstacle to success as a writer in is obscurity. If a bear tweets in the woods in a flash of brilliance, will a publisher give him an advance making him an overnight sensation? There are 3 million blogs put out every day – you do the math – how on Earth will your content stick out?”

Everything writers need to know about pitching their book by Nathan Bransford: “If you’re trying to find a literary agent, you’ll need to write a query letter. If you’re self-publishing, you’ll need to write good jacket copy (or at least know what good jacket copy looks like). When you’re telling acquaintances what your book is about, you’ll need to avoid making them fall asleep. You get the idea.”

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