Indie Author Weekly Update – May 10, 2019

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Indie Author Weekly Update - May 10, 2019

I hope you enjoy today’s Indie Author Weekly Update. The seven (yes seven!) posts I reference below offer you the kind of strategies you need to sell more books.

Note that this month Rachel Thompson, social media expert and founder of NaNoProMo (to help authors market the books they wrote during NaNoWriMo) is featuring a lot of ideas on how to brand yourself and sell more weeks. Be sure to follow her on twitter (@BadRedheadMedia and @RachelintheOC) to keep up on the posts she’s adding to her website this month.

Enjoy the posts below!


Reader Targeting Influences Everything by David Gaughran: “Reader Targeting is yet another concept we have to juggle. It’s no wonder many writers take to the drink, or otherwise lose the run of themselves. Or can be a little… kooky. We have to wrestle with a number of contradictory notions all the time — it’s enough to make anyone batty.”

How to Bring Value to Your Readers from Jane Friedman’s blog and by Paulette Perhach: “What’s the difference between these two writers: David Sedaris, who people pay fifty dollars to see read out loud for an hour, and the open-mic writer, who is allowed five minutes to read before the timer interrupts him to get off stage? In business speak, the difference is value. Specifically, the power to create value through art.


Three Reasons Why Branding Shouldn’t Make You Lose Your Mind from Bad Redhead Media and by C. Streetlights: “Imagine you have always had a dream to, I don’t know… let’s just say for argument’s sake you always wanted to become a writer. Unfortunately, Reality can be a real jerk and you couldn’t be a writer or a ballerina so you ended up being a bus driver. However, in our imaginary scenario, you are able to maintain a blog about your adventures and have a large following. When confronted about you do in your spare time, you somehow manage to stammer, “I’m sort of a writer.”

Author Blogs

4 Ways You Can Make Time To Blog Right Now by Rachel Thompson: “Time, writers say, is the biggest challenge when it comes to blogging. We are writing books. We are marketing books. We are thinking about writing and marketing books. We are parents, spouses or significant others, single parents, workers bees, pet puke cleaner-uppers, grocery-shoppers, housekeepers, laundry-do-ers, mental illness sufferers/survivors, advocates, and the beat goes on.”

Book Marketing

How Recommending Books Can Grow an Author’s Audience
from BookBub Partners and by Catherine McKenzie: “As writers, we’re in a unique position to both spread the word about books we love and to benefit from the subsequent engagement this gives us with readers. Recommending books I’ve loved has brought me new readers and has allowed me to engage in the enthusiastic online book community.”

How to Make Time for Book Promotion by Pauline Wiles and from Rachel Thompson: “As authors today, we’re compelled to juggle more tasks and responsibilities than ever before. Given the colossal effort you’ve invested in writing and publishing your book, you know you’d be crazy not to dedicate some energy to promoting it. But with all that’s going on in your life, how do you make the time for this?”

So, You Want to do Author Events? Tips to Get You Started from Indies Unlimited: “Many authors make public appearances, or outings, in an effort to connect with more people. For those who have never done it and are interested, I thought I’d put together some pro tips for authors who would like to do a public event.”

Quote of the Week
I want to tell the truth. That’s where my storytelling comes from.


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