Indie Author Weekly Update – March 15, 2019

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Indie Author Weekly Update - March 15, 2019

Welcome to another edition of the Indie Author Weekly Update. This week’s edition covers everything from saying good-bye to Google+ to pen names to a Reedsy service. I hope all of the posts here help you in your endeavor to sell more of your books.

Social Media

Google Plus Shuffles off its Mortal Coil: Have You Un-Googled? by Anne R. Allen: “If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you probably know I’ve had something of a love-hate relationship with Google Plus. It was clunky and annoying, but I recommended it as a way to get blogposts noticed by the Google search engine.  Of course it was always slow to load, and an “update” a few years ago made it massively user-unfriendly. Still, it was a great tool for SEO and boosting your blog traffic.”

The Writer’s Guide to Instagram: Tips from Top Bookstagrammers and Authors from BookBub Partners: “Instagram is a massive and growing social media platform, and it is full of book lovers. There are many book-focused Instagrams with tens of thousands of followers, whose moderators feature books in appealing images that are widely liked and often reposted.”

Pen Names

3 Factors for Choosing an On-Brand Pen Name by Dave Chesson: “If you’re thinking about using an author pen name, you’re in superb company. After all, countless top authors have chosen to make use of a pseudonym when releasing their work. Like George Orwell, the pseudonym chosen by Eric Blair so he could write about poverty without the fear of shame, or Mark Twain, the pen name favored by Samuel Clemens so he could compartmentalize his different writing styles/personas.”

New Reedsy Service

A New Concept in Book Discoverability: Reedsy Discovery Book Review Service by Ricardo Fayet: “Ever since we launched Reedsy a bit over four years ago, one topic inevitably comes up time and again in support messages, on conference panels, or in my conversations with authors (often at the bar) — and that is the thorny issue of discoverability.”

Quote of the Week

Indie Author Weekly Update - March 15, 2019


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