Indie Author Weekly Update – March 10, 2017

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Indie Author Update

In this week’s Indie Author Weekly Update you’ll find posts on blogging, branding, author bios, social media, and more. I hope you enjoy this week’s selection.

Meanwhile, after several days of rain and hail we’re enjoying a few days of respite, sun, and warmer temperatures. The warmer temps are always inviting to pursue a hike or bike ride. Don’t you agree? I hope you find your time in the outdoors as inspiring as I do.

 Indie Author Update

Why Do I Need a Media Kit? 5 Reasons (+ FREE online workshop series March 13-24!) from Chris Well: “The media kit is an essential tool for every author who wants to leverage the power of the media to build their brand. This set of PR materials gives media influencers and others a clear snapshot of what you have to offer.”

The No.1 Reason Why Bloggers Fail (And What To Do About It) from Write to Done: “Every blog starts with a dream. A dream of expressing yourself and getting your message heard. A dream of gaining recognition. A dream of standing proud. But the sad reality is, most new bloggers fail. Depressing, isn’t it? So many hopes dashed. So much energy wasted. So many important thoughts lost to the world.”

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Facebook tests reactions and Dislike button (!) on messages from TechCrunch: “Facebook finally has a Dislike button, but it’s not where you’d expect. How do you reply to a specific message in a rapid-fire chat thread? Facebook wants you to attach emojis to your friends’ messages the same way you do with News Feed posts.”

Your Author Bio: Does it help your Book Sales or Stop Them Dead? from Anne R. Allen: “No matter how great a book’s cover and blurb, one thing can stop me from buying yet another ebook for my Kindle: an author bio on the buy page that screams ‘amateur.'”

Taking Yourself Seriously as a Writer—Before Anyone Else Does from Writers in the Storm: “For the past ten years, I have written steadily and quietly. While my friends, family, and colleagues all knew I wrote, only a few close writer friends knew the extent of my writing life. Only a handful of people knew that I had written four unpublished novels. When I would somehow let this slip in conversation, I would receive looks of marvel, looks that made me inwardly cringe. What others viewed as a major accomplishment, I viewed with embarrassment. After all, I’d been trying unsuccessfully to get an agent for years. Telling people that I kept writing despite anyone recognizing my work felt like admitting publicly to my failure as a writer. Without the external approval of an agent or publisher, I couldn’t take myself seriously as a writer, beyond a narrow circle of writing colleagues. (This need for approval speaks to many things in my life, but let’s just stick to writing, shall we?)”

Know What’s Working on Social Media: 26 Free Social Media Analytics Tools from Buffer: “Where do you turn for meaningful stats on your social media marketing? I’m grateful for the insight from some truly incredible tools that help make sense of the actions I take on social media. How have my followers grown this month? Which posts seem to perform best? Which times make the most sense to post? The answers are out there, and there are tools to help you find them. I’ve collected a bunch of my favorites here in this post. Feel free to give them a try and see what insights you can find!”

Here’s How They’re Building Their Author Platform, Case Study: Angie Viets from Lisa Tener: Last fall, I posted about how important the author platform tends to be in interesting publishers and getting a publishing deal. I shared some examples of clients who signed book deals after they worked on their author platform. Today, I’d like to start sharing stories of some clients who may be closer to where you may be—just starting out in developing an author platform.”

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Quote of the Week

You don’t wait for inspiration. The muse does not do your work for you.


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