Indie Author Weekly Update June 9, 2017

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Indie Author Weekly Update

Today’s Indie Author Weekly Update features posts from Joel Friedlander’s blog, BookWorks’ blog, and a variety of bloggers including Chris Syme. Learn about Facebook’s new inbox and take in some tips from Book Expo 2017.

Indie Author Updates

How to Set Up a Facebook Page for Authors from BookWorks: “Love it or hate it, if you’re an author, you need a Facebook page. With 1.86 billion monthly active users as of the last quarter of 2016, and according to the Pew Research Center, with 79% of all online adults in the U.S. using Facebook, you can’t afford to ignore it.”

Your Five-Minute Guide to Pricing Your Self-Published Book by Fred Johnson of Standout Books and from Joel Friedlander: “There’s one question that we editors hear again and again from the self-publishing writers we work with: how much should I charge for my first book? It’s certainly a tricky question. The history of self-publishing is littered with tragic tales of overpriced and underpriced books falling at the wayside as stingy or sceptical crowds pass them by. It’s one of the most common mistakes self-publishing writers make.”

The triple zero club: how to get more likes, comments and shares on your blog by Articulate Marketing: “Blogging is like launching a spaceship. It takes hours and hours of meticulous crafting, patience and perseverance to get lift off and maintain altitude. With an estimated 3.17 billion users on the internet worldwide you’d expect it to be easy, but it’s not. An increasing number of bloggers are finding themselves victims of the triple zero club – zero likes, comments and shares.”

New Time-Saving Facebook Tool: The Inbox by Chris Syme: “If you haven’t noticed yet, Facebook is rolling out a new feature called Inbox. The new tool aggregates all the comments, messages, and reviews from Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram to your Facebook business page dashboard. On your phone, the new feature is on the bottom of your screen.”

How to Get Hordes of Subscribers With an Easy Opt-In Gift from Write to Done: “If you want to ramp up your subscriber numbers, you need to offer an attractive gift for your visitors in return for subscribing. This is called an opt-in gift or lead magnet. But what to offer? Many writers don’t know how to create an opt-in gift. It can be daunting. Many gifts take a lot of effort to create. But there are also some enticing gifts you can create in just hours. This is what you’ll learn in this article.”

7 Top Book Marketing Takeaways from Book Expo 2017 by Diana Urban: “BookExpo held their annual publishing conference last week in New York City. There were plenty of sessions and panels focused on book marketing, so we gathered several exciting takeaways we wanted to share with our readers. From consumer data to personalized marketing campaigns, publishers and marketers were buzzing about researching your audience, fostering reader relationships, and running innovative marketing campaigns. Here were our top seven takeaways from BookExpo 2017.”

In A Galaxy Far, Far Away: Blending Storytelling In Web Content by Express Writers: “What do you and Tolkien have in common? While it might be tempting to answer, “nothing,” I’d encourage you to look a little deeper. Sure, Tolkien invented magical lands and languages and creatures few of us could concoct in our wildest dreams, but there’s still a similarity. That similarity links you and me, and all of us who work in the written word, to Tolkien, Rowling, Nabokov, and Chekov. What is it? The similarity is a love of stories and a fondness for telling them.”

5 Skills Every Writer Should Develop from Joel Friedlander and by Frances Caballo: “Writers have to juggle a lot. Craft. Marketing. Blogging. Email list building. I know that I tend to think that I’m not doing enough. I could be on social media more. I don’t write enough books. (My last one was published in December and I haven’t started a new one.) I’m not meditating. I could exercise more. The list goes on. And the rub is that you can always do more. I think that I could always do more. At least that’s the myth that I tell myself. If only there were more than 24 hours in a day, right? Man, what I could accomplish with 28 hours!”

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