Indie Author Weekly Update – June 30, 2017

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Indie Author Weekly Update

Welcome to the Indie Author Weekly Update. This week’s edition has posts from Joel Friedlander, Joan Stewart, Adam Connell (Blogging Wizard), and others. Enjoy!

Indie Author Weekly Updates

Fiction Writing Contests Worth Your Time (Summer 2017 Edition) from Writer Unboxed: “Inspired by Lit Hub’s 100 rejections per year post, my goal was to make at least 50 submissions in 2017. Since my last contest roundup, I’m at 64 submissions and 34 rejections. Summer tends to be a slower time for submissions. A lot of literary journals close their reading periods and are slower to respond, but there are still opportunities out there! I’ve curated another list of promising contests for your submitting convenience.”

What Are Content Mills … and Why Should Freelancers Avoid Them? from Aliventures: “If you’ve been around freelance writing world, you’ve probably heard the phrase “content mills.” So what the heck is a content mill? It’s a large website that offers lots of low-paid writing gigs – either writing for the website itself or with third-party clients.”

My Top 7 Tools for Creativity from Joel Friedlander: “This year I’ve been thinking a lot about creativity, and I’m getting ready to publish a small book on this subject, something that has occupied me for many years. It wasn’t until I was in my forties that I realized I was working as a creative professional. Even though I’ve often made a living designing, writing, and managing the production of other creative artists, for some reason I still thought that that life was an aspiration, even while I was living it.”

36 Smart Ways To Grow Your Email List 2x Faster from the Blogging Wizard: “You need to build your email list if you want to grow your blog. Don’t be the person that keeps making excuses for why they aren’t focusing on building their list. I learned that lesson the hard way but you don’t have to. The truth is that email is far more effective at reaching your raving fans than any other tool. That includes social media.”

Use Cheat Sheets & Checklists to Entice, Engage Readers by Joan Stewart: “Readers love chunks of information they can digest easily in just a minute or two. That’s why they’re wild about cheat sheets and checklists. These powerful one-page PDFs are like digital crow bars that can pry an email address out of a website visitor faster than any other lead magnet you might offer. Tie the topic of your cheat sheet or checklist into your book, and you’ve got a promotional hook that reels in readers and, in some cases, clients.”

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Arthur Miller

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