Indie Author Weekly Update – June 23, 2017

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Indie Author Update

This week’s Indie Author Update includes posts on book promotion, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter from Lilach Bullock, Digital Book World, The Write Life and others. Enjoy them!

Meanwhile, I’m still trying to survive the the 100+ heat here in Northern California. Is it hot where you’re at? If so, share with me your favorite tips for remaining cool.

Indie Author Update

Authors, Grow Your Fan Base By Leading A Book Club by Digital Book World: “I have always maintained that the author-as-a-brand is the strongest selling link across the publishing chain. Whether self, indie or traditionally published, the emotional connection forged by dedicated readers is never with a publisher or an imprint—it’s with the author him or herself. This relationship is, more than anything else, built on trust.”

The Difference Between a Press Release and a Pitch (You Need Both) via Jane Friedman by Claire McKinney: “There has been debate about press releases and whether or not they are obsolete. After all, when you can communicate in 140 characters, why do you need four to five paragraphs? I have heard directly from book review editors that they toss the materials that come with review copies. I have also had a radio producer chastise me for mistakenly not sending a press packet with a book. Clients have asked me if press releases matter any more: ‘I mean, does anybody really read those things?'”

10 Pintastic tools to grow your business by Lilach Bullock: “Are you using Pinterest to help market your business? If you want to get better results and save time with your social media marketing, read this post for 10 Pintastic tools to help grow your business.”

How to Optimize Facebook Ads to Build Your Email List [Podcast] by Chris Syme: “In today’s episode Chris interviews Rebecca Pollard, Digital Marketing Manager from AWeber, on the process and how-to’s of using Facebook ads to grow your email list.”

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Get Inspired! 20 Writers on Twitter to Follow by The Write Life: “We writers all need community. We all need inspiration. And, for better or for worse, we need smart strategies for making money, whether through freelance work, books, speaking engagements or by helping others improve their writing. Twitter is bursting with like-minded writers, authors and entrepreneurs who want to connect and help one another out. It’s completely worth the time investment to find your tribe on Twitter.”

Book Promotion: Do This, Not That – June 2017 by Amy Collins and from “This month, we are focusing on how consumer book sales can tell us what readers want. A lot of the choices we publishers make are based on what we want or what we think we should do. Here are a few recent examples of insight gained by authors, for this edition of do this, not that.”

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