Indie Author Weekly Update – June 16, 2017

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ndie Author Weekly Update

In this week’s Indie Author Update, bloggers write about book launches, legal myths, how to write remarkable content, and how to pitch your book too media. Great topics, right?

Meanwhile, summer is here and I’m thrilled. In Northern California where I live, our winter and spring consisted of one rain storm after another. While our water-starved state needed those downpours, I’m so happy that summer is here and with it, warm, dry weather. What’s happening in your world?

Indie Author Update

Launch Higher: How to Get Book Reviews Before Your Launch Date by Kate Sullivan: “We all know that reviews sell stuff. After all, when’s the last time you took a chance on buying something online, sight unseen, without checking the reviews? You want to know what other people who’ve already bought it think so that you can be sure you’re making the right choice.”

5 Legal Myths That Writers Still Fall For, Debunked by Helen Sedwick and from BookWorks: “There are certain persistent legal myths that refuse to die. For instance, every few weeks l come across a blog post that advises writers to use the “poor man’s copyright” by mailing themselves a copy of their manuscripts and never opening the envelopes. Somehow, the postmark is supposed to provide legal protection. Nonsense, I yell at my computer screen. I’ve emailed bloggers to explain that they are encouraging writers to waste paper and postage for no reason. But a few weeks later, the poor man’s copyright pops up again.”

9 Tips to Create Totally Remarkable Content from Survey Anyplace: During all my encounters with content marketers, the same question kept popping up: how can I make my content stand out, make it more remarkable? In almost every industry, companies are investing heavily in content marketing. But as it turns out, all these companies are doing the same: creating some sort of FAQ page based on extensive keyword analysis.

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The 5 Golden Rules of Blogging by Maikel Michiels: “You see them all around don’t you? Bloggers that have a huge audience, have major influence, tons of traffic and are making a pretty good amount of money. The kind of bloggers that just seem to have it all. You may even become a bit jealous…

It Takes a Village to Launch a Book by Joel Pitney and from “Some of us are natural born networkers. You know the type . . . they never lunch alone, they seem to specialize in connecting people in ways that benefit both parties, they have no problem promoting themselves or their projects or ideas in ways that aren’t off-putting. In my experience, most authors aren’t natural born networkers (if you’re an exception, my apologies). We tend to be more of the wallflower types, happy to write and create and let others do the talking and promoting.”

Pitch Perfect – Author Media Pitches That Get Results from BookWorks and by Penny Sansevieri: “With the media’s attention becoming more and more difficult to capture, it’s essential to master the perfect pitch. Media pitches are a bit of an art form. Why, because especially with national media, but also with regional media, and even bloggers, it’s important that each aspect of your pitch be on point. Today, I’ll be teaching you some great practices to consider.”

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