Indie Author Weekly Update – July 28, 2017

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Indie Author Weekly Update

This week’s Indie Author Update includes posts from Chris Well, Penny Sansevieri, Buffer, Social Media Examiner, Book Riot, and Authority Pub. Topics range from email lists to using Facebook as a substitute for a book club to Amazon ads. The topics are diverse this week.

Meanwhile, I hope you’re enjoying the summer and finding pockets of inspiration wherever you are.

18 Experts: Why Every Author Needs an Email by Chris Well: “Despite all the tools available for promoting your books and building your author presence online, it would be a mistake to discount the value of a healthy email list. Building a list of email subscribers allows you to engage with your readers, drive new book sales, and insure your author platform against inevitable changes in search engines and social networks. Don’t believe me? Here are 18 influencers–including authors, bloggers, podcasters, and other online teachers–who explain why you need an email list.”

The Ideal Facebook Cover Photo Size And How To Make Yours Stand Out (Including 12 Excellent Examples) by Buffer: “The Facebook cover photo. It feels like it should be so easy to pick one, and yet finding the perfect image feels super hard at the same time. You only get one; one photo, one shot to make a good impression, one chance to convey a distinct feeling, so what should it be?”

Will Facebook Become the Ultimate Online Book Club? from Book Riot: “I’ve noticed a trend that I’m not sure I like. Many friends are spending more time on Facebook and less elsewhere on the internet. If they jump out of Facebook it’s because someone shared a promising link.”

Instagram Live Replays: What Marketers Need to Know from Social Media Examiner: “Are you using live video on Instagram? Wondering how to save Instagram live videos so followers can replay them later? In this article, you’ll discover how to get an extra 24 hours of view time for your live videos with Instagram Live video replays.”

40 Self-Publishing Resources, Tools, and Assets To Accelerate Success  from Authority Pub: “The business of writing, designing, editing, publishing, marketing, and selling your books requires the kindness of strangers — or at least a little help from your online friends who offer various products, services, and insights to help you stay focused, motivated, and up-to-speed on the ever-changing self-publishing landscape.”

Leveraging Amazon’s Ad System by Penny Sansevieri: “Many of you have probably seen (and maybe even tried) Amazon’s ad system, via their Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). I’ve heard from a few authors they’ve tried it, albeit it not successfully. Ads, whether Google, Facebook, Twitter, or AMS, follow a general rule (which we’ll cover in this piece) and then there’s Amazon’s own, special spin, which we’ll discuss as well. So let’s dig in.”

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