Indie Author Weekly Update – January 27, 2017

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Indie Author Weekly Update

Welcome to today’s Indie Author Weekly Update. You’ll see new bloggers on a range of topics from ebook sales to Snapchat spectacles to hashtags.

On a personal note, we received a break from the storms. Yes, finally. The sun has even shined a few hours every day. Thank you for your patience as I return to my regular blogging schedule.

Indie Author Weekly Updates

A Powerful Shortcut for Discovering Keywords to Increase Ebook Sales from Digital Book World: “Indie authors and ebook publishers have a powerful tool for increasing book sales that costs nothing and already exists in their online book selling setup: keywords. The keywords associated with an ebook in an online store can help drive readers to your sales page. When you attract more people to your book’s sales page, the more opportunities you have to make sales.”

23 Good Habits for an Energized and Productive Day from Michael Fishbein: “Habits are what you do on a daily basis to achieve your long term goals. Once something is habituated, it’s like it’s on auto-pilot. It requires less thought and effort to execute. It’s not so much a decision you make as much as it’s something you do instinctively.”

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48 Hours with Snapchat Spectacles: Our Full Review and 5 Tips to Create Better Snaps from Buffer: “Spectacles are only available via Snapbots – yellow vending machines dropped in random (often remote) locations. The first Snapbot was dropped in Venice Beach, not too far from Snap’s Los Angles HQ, and the demand was instant. People waited in line for hours in the hope they could scoop up some of the $130 glasses and with demand so high, Spectacles were reselling for much higher prices (well into the thousands) on eBay.”

The Psychology of Choice from the Alliance of Independent Authors: “Whether selling books from your website, or offering free content for mailing list signups, marketing psychology can be a useful tool in the indie author’s toolbox. During the redesign of a friend’s website, we pondered how to lay out the books on her sales page for maximum sales. She also wanted to offer a choice of novellas on the landing page for her mailing list, and we wondered what the optimum number of choices would be. Fortunately, marketers and behavioral psychologists have been mulling over these concepts for decades, and we found a wealth of information to guide our website development. The following are the theories and studies we found helpful in guiding our decisions. I’ll follow up later this year with the results of our efforts. In the meantime, I hope these studies provide inspiration for your website marketing efforts.”

The Art and Science of Writing to Market by Dave Chesson, from Jeff Goins’ Blog: “The idea is that seed articles bring in new readers every day, and those readers discover your best content by exploring your website once they are there. Seed articles really do exist, and don’t require you to be an advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guru. It’s just about finding article topics that your market types into Google every day, but doesn’t have a lot of competition.”

Learn What Hashtags Mean on Each Social Network by Susan Gilbert: “Twitter may have been the first social sharing site to use hashtags to increase visibility — other networks like Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus have become just as important when it comes to getting your content noticed. Hashtags are great for researching your market and connecting with others …”

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Something Fun

The Book Quiz: Are You Ready to Write a Book by book coach Lisa Tener: “Find out if you have what it takes to become a published author and get customized advice for solving your toughest challenges.”

Quote of the Week

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