Indie Author Weekly Update January 20, 2017

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Indie Author Weekly Update

This is the first Indie Author Weekly Update in two weeks so it makes sense that it would be an expansive treasure trove of information for you to glean.

As I write this, we are in the midst of another storm. It’s the first of three scheduled to punch Northern California over the next five days. Wish us luck as we tend to lose power and experience flooding.

Top Tips on TIming for Indie Authors from the Alliance of Independent Authors: “At this time of year, we’re likely to spend more time thinking about forward planning, so today on the blog we’re sharing some top advice from ALLi partners and authors on timing the launch and marketing of your self-published books in 2017.”

The Da Vinci Code code: what’s the formula for a bestselling book? by The Guardian: “Steve Berry could be forgiven for asking himself every day what it takes to make a book a global bestseller. Back in 2003, the former lawyer published a novel that placed well-known myths in a conspiracy web to create a page-turning thriller.”

Q&A with Pronoun: An Increasingly Competitive Ebook Distributor  from Jane Friedman: “Do you remember the digital publishing startups Vook? Booklr? Byliner?All of these services/companies have been folded into an ebook distribution service known as Pronoun, which was launched in fall 2015 and later acquired by Big Five publisher Macmillan. Pronoun works with independent authors to distribute and sell ebooks to the five major online retailers: Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Google Play. Pronoun charges authors nothing upfront, and doesn’t take a cut of ebook sales either.”

[clickToTweet tweet=”Be sure to read this post on Pronoun by @janefriedman” quote=”Be sure to read this post on Pronoun by @janefriedman”]

7 Things Authors Must Do Differently in 2017  from Writers in the Storm and by Penny Sansevieri: “If you’ve ever thought that the publishing industry is tough to figure out, you’re not alone. In fact, I once had an author tell me that getting into publishing is sort of like building a house without any plans. There’s a lot of information out there, but it can be overwhelming or even confusing, and certainly ever-changing. It may seem simplest to jump right in with both feet, just to start somewhere. This often comes with a price. The good news is that although the challenges are real, they’re relatively easy to overcome.”

[clickToTweet tweet=”What are you doing differently with social media in 2017? @CaballoFrances” quote=”What are you doing differently with social media in 2017? @CaballoFrances”]

Facebook Pages can now ‘go live’ from the desktop, add live contributors and more from TechCrunch: “Facebook Live, the social network’s live video streaming platform, received a series of updates this week, the most notable being the ability for broadcasters to “go live” from their desktop and laptop computers. Video creators will be able to stream from their web browser directly to their Facebook Page, the company explains, which makes the system ideal for certain types of recordings in particular, such as daily vlogs, for example.”

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Apps, Tools & Plugins for Indie Authors in 2017 – Part 1  from “There are apps galore on the internet. But of the millions of apps, tools, extensions, and plugins available, which ones can help you and not further distract you or worse of all, hinder you in your work? Ah, those are the issues, aren’t they?”

How to Use Instagram Effectively As An Author from “What’s the hot social media network that people are talking about but few understand how to use? Snapchat. Surprised? But Instagram still appears to win the prize when it comes to the race for the fastest growing social media network.”

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Using Pew Research Stats to Find Your Readers Online from BookWorks: “Earlier in my career, I mistakenly thought that it was important for authors to be everywhere online. I likened social media to zip codes. I would say, “Do you only want to sell in the 95405 zip code? Or would you rather sell your books in zip codes worldwide?” With glistening eyes, writers would shout, “Worldwide!” Okay, no one’s eyes glistened, and no one shouted, but you get what I mean.”

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