Indie Author Weekly Update – February 22, 2019

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Indie Author Weekly Update - February 22, 2019

Welcome to the Indie Author Weekly Update. All the posts here discuss book marketing but in different contexts. Anne R. Allen once again doesn’t fail to disappoint in her newest post about superfans. Under the email marketing heading, you’ll find two great blog posts.

Enjoy them all.

Book Marketing Strategies

Should Writers Despair If We Don’t Have Superfans? by Anne R. Allen: “I keep reading about them. People swear they exist. But I’ve never met one. Or even seen its elusive footprint. No, I’m not talking about Bigfoot. I’m talking about the author Superfan. Lots of publishing experts I respect are saying we need to go out and get us some of these Superfans. But I’m not sure where to find them—although apparently vast herds of them roam the booky regions of Cyberia.”

Paul Jarvis describes in new book’s launch (Company of One) in this outline: “For this article, let’s focus on everything after the finished manuscript, because I cover a lot on finding an agent and publisher in my other article on how I got a book deal.” ‏

Book Promotion: Do This, Not That – February 2019 from and by Amy Collins: “This month has been all about working with authors to help them focus on their markets and really find their readers.”

Social Media

Important Reasons Authors Need to Be Using Social Media by Emiie Rabitoy: “Social media is something most take for granted these days. Not only is social media something that helps close the distance between friends and family who are far apart, but it can also be helpful in a person’s work life too. Social media can be very beneficial for authors, from building relationships with readers, to book marketing and gaining knowledge and feedback.”

Email Marketing

How to announce your book with an e-mail blast by Sandra Beckwith: “I’ve received quite a few book announcement e-mails lately. I want to be excited for the authors, because this is a big deal. Sadly, though, most of the messages aren’t very compelling. More often than not, they’re self-congratulatory (“I’ve achieved my dream!”) or self-serving (“If you buy my book on Amazon in the next 24 hours, I can become a best-selling author!”).”

Book Marketing: How to Add Mailing List Signups to Your Author Website from Alliance of Independent Authors: “If you’ve spent any time reading or listening to ALLi’s advice on connecting with readers and growing your audience, you’ll know that one of the best ways to do this is via your author mailing list.”

Quote of the Week

Indie Author Weekly Update


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  1. Thanks, Frances. Not everybody agrees with me about the superfan marketing craze. I think that partly depends on one’s definition of “superfans.” My pet peeves are 1) Telling new writers they need them, and 2) Being expected to act like a superfan just because I download a free book.

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