Indie Author Weekly Update – February 15, 2019

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Indie Author Weekly Update

Welcome to the Indie Author Weekly Update. I hope that you like how I’m categorizing my roundup now. This week’s categories are eBooks, book marketing, audiobooks, BookBub ads, and online book tours. Ostensibly, I could have added BookBub ads and online book tours under book marketing but I wanted to make sure that those particular blog posts stood out.

I hope you enjoy this week’s Indie Author Update and that you have a wonderful weekend.


eBook Distribution Round-Up with Comparison and FAQs by David Wogahn: “eBook distribution options in 2019 have expanded greatly the past two years. There are scores of online eBook retailers around the world and eBook aggregators abound to help self-publishers easily make their book available for sale.”

Book Marketing

Best Practices for Authors Looking to Optimize Their Marketing Strategy by Kimberley Grabas: “It’s an unfortunate truth that writing a good book doesn’t guarantee an author’s success. With so many others vying for readers’ attention, it’s important to implement an effective marketing strategy. Various brands rely on best practices instilled by a Facebook advertising specialist or Instagram expert to promote their products, and authors may consider doing the same to attract a broader audience.”

Street Teams: How to Run a Smooth and Successful Campaign from and by Angela Ackerman: “The prospect of a book launch can be intimidating. In today’s post, guest post author, Angela Ackerman, shares many tips about how to work with a street team to make your book launch a success. You won’t want to miss this article.”


Understanding Audiobook Production: An Interview with Rich Miller from Jane Friedman and by Kristen Tsetsi: “Like many indie authors grateful for new outlets for their work, I was drawn last year to the world of audiobook production. This was thanks in large part to the recommendation of author friend Ian Thomas Healy, who’d had a positive experience adapting his work for audio. His personal history with it, combined with the rise in audiobook popularity, led me to follow Healy’s example and create an audiobook at ACX, Amazon’s audiobook production platform.”

BookBub Ads

How To Sell Books In 2019 (Part 4) by David Gaughran: “Welcome to the fourth part of my series on how to sell books in this year we have all agreed to call 2019 – despite what can only be described as rather shaky ground. And while we’re on the topic of letting dates slip, sorry about the delay in getting the final episode of this mini-series to your inbox. I handed BookBub Ads Expert to the editor yesterday – finally! – and that was taking all my time. More on that below.”

Online Book Tours

How to Run Your Own Online Book Tour and Save Money! by Penny Sansevieri: “We’ve all heard about an online book tour, also often referred to as a book blog tour. They’re a great book promotion tool (if done right) and can really enhance the exposure for your book with readers connected to these blogs. But where do you start? Let’s dig in!”

Quote of the Week

Indie Author Weekly Update


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